Tuesday, March 21, 2006


So what does the day job rapper do after a long hard days work on the plantation? He eats. He eats guuud when he can. Take tonight for instance I was gonna originally go to kfc and cop some psuedo-poultry but as I sat in the drive thru and ordered I changed my mind. Literally after she gave me the total price.

I took that ten over to the giant around my way (sidebar: giant be JAMMIN! They have some crazy 80's/90's rnb selection on shuffle. Sometimes I go in there just for the music and don't shop. No lie) and get me a whole cooked rotisserie chicken and some sponges or some shit.

Take that bad boy home and break out the big ole purty cabbage(head niggas.. Shout out to wutang!) I bought me last weekend, season & steam him up and throw some lil boxed pasta sides in the mix...

SON... I aint een know I could cook all that. Nigga I was macaroni and dinner rolls away from a thanksgiving feast! At anyrate cuttin up the chicken was a nice learnin experience. Never done that before. I was kinda successful. Kinda. Shit it aint taste no different tho.

Oh yeah and not to exclude my rap life I got my moonlighting double vinyl test press and my we be 12" in the mail today. Too bad I don't have a record player. I heard soon ill be getting a few copies of the full retail version on cd with cover art and all. Which should be fun considering I aint seen the linernotes since we wrote em and I still haven't seen the cd booklet art.

I was smilin @ the post office when I picked it up and I just so happened to be lookin directly @ the clerk. She was like " what was that look for?" smilin n shit, givin up the rhythm. I told her I was happy cus I was picking up important mail and she got it from the back only to ask 'who sendin you records' so I say its me, she says lemme see, I show her, she is confused about why we named ourself after a woman and I'm bare chested on the cover of this record w/ 2 niggas all up in my space. She shot me this look that was part train-wreck-inquisitive and part turned off to the whole concept.

I told her we are 'intelligent rappers' to offset her 'is it that stuff on the radio' query and then she got all 'well if you do any shows let me know'

Who knows... Maybe we found a new fan

Well imma go cut my hair for this job interview I got thursday and attempt to write a piece on tanya for RIME magazine...

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