Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Free Coffee and Freeway

i wanna shout out the good people over at Sunspot Cafe on massachusetts right by the North Capital Intersection. i forget what the real cross street is but North Capital is like a block up (over there where the suntrust is down the street from Union Station, dont you just love purely landmark based directions? lol) but yeah man i stop in there like 3 times a week. usually i cop the good homemade egg n cheese sammich on wheat toast and they have the BEST coffee i have, i mean it aint like i been lookin tho. its just that the water hear tastes swimming pool water and it gives the coffee this metallic taste. wanna know what tap water coffee here tastes like? suck on a coin for a while... gross

so i go in today to get my daily cup o coffee and nothing more cus i dont want a sammich and i get to the front only to find that you need a purchase of 5 dollars or more to use a debit/credit card. so im standin there lookin like a lump w/ a useless piece of plastic in my hand and the guy is like 'thats all you want? go ahead and take it. you pay me tomorrow'

man i am now a loyal customer and supporter of this store and will preach its praises from here on out.

oh yeah and freeway needs to come back out w/ something soon. cus dude is and always will be a beast. the last song i heard from him is that 'where you been' joint... BOY.

okay imma go do some work or something


emeeul said...

my cuz worked on the hill and frequented that spot. i've never been.

440 1st Street, NW
Washington , DC 20001

owners: Sam and George Haddad

i didn't know they had beer son.

tia said...

i used to work with a george haddad. he was scary and kept asking me to lunch. his employment was terminated. (not because of me though!)