Thursday, March 30, 2006

Circa 2000 - Vintage Swagger

Yes niggas! (c) Tupac

That show teachers on nbc ruined my idea, what idea you say? well i wanted to make a reality show based on an elementary school. if i could have a camera in here with me you would see. i mean i cant even fully articulate or touch on all of the topics that need to be covered in this school. its ridiculous. from the kids to the teachers to the parents to the administration its bananas here. what is also bananas is my current dilemna...


so my album release party is on april 6th, the last day of school before we go on spring break is april 7th. i need to leave at noon on the 6th to get to nyc in time for the shindig and i def. wont be back the next day but they dont wanna let me go. point blank period im not missing my own lp release party. especially for a job i will be quitting shortly. but its just the fact that i have to explain myself to this lady and do it with finesse. i mean i cant say im goin to my lp release party cus thats a party and if i was her i wouldnt let me go to a party and cut out on work. the best i can come up with is that i have to be in nyc for a function that i was instrumental in organizing and executing. that prolly aint gonna fly tho, regardless im taking my leave. i mean whats the worst they can do dock my pay? they was already gonna do that cus i dont have no leave. maybe they will fire me, probably not; besides its not like i wont be firing myself soon. in a nutshell its a non issue and thats that. i just dont like confrontation and i dont feel like goin thru the motions or dealing with the drama.

(the punctuation and sentence structure in this blog is horrible, forgive me)


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