Thursday, March 23, 2006

3.5 in the source

Mics that is...

And a stellar review!

Check ya newstands.

wanna know who else got rated the same as us in the history of the source?

mos def and talib kweli are blackstar, slum village fantastic 2, dead prez lets get free, Smif n' wessun - The shinin', GangStarr-Step In the Arena, Hard To Earn, Daily Operation, Common Sense-Resurrection, Can I Borrow A Dollar, One Day.....Cormega-entire body of work, Kool G Rap-Roots of Evil, Fat Joe-Jealous One's Envy, De La Soul-Mosaic Thump, Grind Date, Alkaholiks-Likwidation, Rakim-18th Letter, Public Enemy-Apocalypse '91, Public Enemy - Fear Of A Black Planet( I AM FUCKING HONORED TO SHARE THE SAME RATING AS THIS ALBUM I SWEAR TO GOD YO!!!!!!!!!!! HONORED), Heavy D-Blue Funk, A Tribe Called Quest-The Love Movement (most may agree, or take it even lower-I think it site at a strong 4)OC-Word....Life, Jewelz (the only one that deserved anything less than a 4 is Bon Appeteit, Royal Flush - Ghetto Millionaire, OC - Jewelz, No ID - The Black Album, OGC - The Storm, OK - Equinox, Beatnuts - Stone Crazy, Kris Kross - Young Rich & Dangerous, Masta Ace Inc - Sittin on Chrome, Showbiz & AG - Goodfellas, Lost Boys - Legal Drug Money, Bushwick Bill - Phanom of the Rapera, Dr octagon - Dr Octagon, Bootcamp Clique - For The People, Cru -Dirty 30, Steady Mobbin - Premeditated Drame, K Def & Larry O - Real Live: A Long Awaited Drama, Chino XL - Here to Save Yall, Too Short - Album Number 10, Cappadonna - The Pillage, GZA - Beneath the Surface, Defari - Focused Daily, Souls of Mischief - No Man's Land, Das EFX - Hold it Down, MAd Skillz - From Where, 8Ball & MJG - On Top of the World, Heather B - Takin Mine, Clipse - Exclusive Audio Footage, ATCQ - The Love Movement, Flipmode Squad - Teh Imperial, Xzibit - 40 Days & 40 Nights, Camron - SDE, Freddie Foxx- Industry Shakedown, Foxy Brown - Chyna Doll, Kool G Rap - Roots of Evil, Keith Murray - Its a Beautiful Thing, RZA - Bobby Digital, Jurassic 5 - Quality Control, Keith murray - Enigma, Lil Kim - Queen Bee, Witchdoctor- ASWAT Healing Ritual, Lyrcist Lounge Vol 1S, noop - The Game is to be Told, Sporty Thieves - Street Cinema

not bad company at all if you ask me!

Tanya morgan moonlighting April 4th 2006. i got my copy in the mail today and it was almost like the first time id ever heard the lp. with the cover art? sheeet. its 4 mics w/ the cover art hands down. lol. naw but it was as emotional as seeing a child being born. id equate it to that

and on the job front i just got back from a wonderful second interview at what i truely believe is my dream job for right now. i mean shit was DOPE. like if i could have this job and my music career.... man o man. it even uses my degree to an extent! they liked me and i liked them. lets just hope i can have it cus this place is drivin me CRAZY. i think this would really help me enjoy dc alot more and see the city. they work with black attorneys and throw dope networking socials, out of town dinners and huge golf tourneys. and they also put out a publication. they are interested in having me do office admin shit and help the event planner chick. maaaaaaan listen. erybody there is cool as fuck. small organization. nice location. hella benefits both fringe and written in. i could go on and on about the dream job but i wont. ill just sweat out this week and a half and see what happens. i mean ive heard that 'you are in the top of the candidates' speech before but for some reason this time i believe it. well ive fell for it several times lol. this time seemed different

son i aint never wanted a job i interviewed this bad in my life. well maybe mtv, i wanted that shit bad so bad it hurt not gettin it. that and the graphic designer gig for the watch company. and the one for the record company in nyc. damn ive been on alot of interviews lol.

imma tell yall whats gonna happen. if i get the dream job then imma have to go on tour slightly after... watch. cant have your cake and eat it to? what the fuck you bakin it for then?

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