Wednesday, March 19, 2008

the rain has yet to stop and i think im sick

my patented black thought impression

after 8 hours of driving in the dark with rain pounding down on the windshield me and von have landed safely in cincinnati. i think i may have stressed/worried myself sick, seriously. i feel pretty bad right now, i think its a sinus infection but what do i know.

yesterday turned out to be a monster of a day. coordinating that TM is a Rap Group mixtape was alot of work but apparently it paid off . we are at 3600 downloads and counting in a little over 24hrs. not bad at all eh?

the tour starts tomorrow and i think just about all the pieces are in place, i even get to do my patented black thought impersonation in toronto where we open for the roots. aka JESSE @ CYBERKRIB IF YOU ARE READING THIS PLEASE EMAIL ME WE NEED TO TALK ASAP! you too henri... lol

imma go take a vitamin, pick up the rental car and call these venues...

but yo before i go, this niggas flo-rida's hairline son.. :/ i think thats what is happening to me. i dont want a flo-rida hairline. :( totally unrelated, im SO happy missy elliott is coming back.. yay!


Sandy said...

1) congrats on getting the opener slot in TO.
2) ZINC! Go get you some.
3) What is it with men and the hairline obession???? FloRida's line (what a retarded name by the way) doesn't look bad. The overly manicured eyebrows and beard looks waaaaay worse. (overly... is that a real word? did i make that one up too?)

Your line doesn't look like that btw.

thatdudedave said...

let the hair go...rogaine dont work

and if you did some shows in phoenix or LA you wouldnt have any rain to deal with

good luck on tour!
thanks for new music too

bananaclipse(3.0) said...

Agreed dave...LA!!!!! Damn it

bitty said...

you guys need a driver, too much driving for one person

UltraMag said...

Opening for The Roots, huh? NOICE!

I'm curious to know if their set list will differ at all from their list at the NYC show last month... It was good, but a little more abstract in comparison to their shows over the past 5-6yrs.

Re: Sinus infection - Get some ginger (and/or wheat grass) in yo life!

Flo-Rida's receding hairline looks more pronounced b/c he's wearing 10lbs of makeup, THEN they airbrushed over it. Unless you plan on going drag and getting severely touched up, you have very little to worry about.

Canela_NYC said...

Stop wearing hats! (c) Mom

It's true though...

Angie said...
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Angie said...

Hope you get better.
3600 downloads?! WOOOO HOOO! THATS AWESOME!
Opening for Roots!? WORD FREAKIN UP!

aeon? said...

yo cuz.. my hairline is tryna do the same thing! fuck that!!!

randy said...

sweet, ive been wondering if you guys were opening for the roots in TO since i had my tickets and then seen your date. now im looking forward to that show even more.

Donald Williams said...


our goal is to break 6k

our DREAM is to break 10k



amanda said...

Rain and good. Sorry to hear that Don. Congrats on everything else though.

Just a little question though...WTF is up with your tour dates? How is it that you go from like one of the Carolinas, up to NYC, back down to the Carolinas, or some shit like

Y'all need a geographer on your team.