Thursday, March 20, 2008

Breakfast @ 5pm

Damn I missed waffle house. I wanna go to sleep now. Just gotta make it
to the hotel.

Pittsburgh yall ready?


Sandy said...


So thankful there aren't any in NY.

3 plates? And a coffee?

Somebody was hongry.

UltraMag said...

Knock em out the box Don-Knock em out Don!

amanda said...

I tried for Pittsburgh.
I tried.
I failed.


One day, dammit.

F'real if you can think of a way to get my under 21 ass past security @ the Bmore show I'M SO THERE DON. I'll treat you to some Ben's if you drive through the DC area. How's that for a deaaaaal?! I have to go to Pennsylvania tomorrow anyway, it's literally ON THE WAY. Come onnnn