Tuesday, February 12, 2008

why come nobody told me what day it was?

just for that no picture for you!

here i was thinking it was wednesday all day. i didnt even move my car! yall coulda made me get a ticket. im blaming that coquito but still nobody reached out and hollered at me at all... :/

and here i was thinking that we were friends.


luca (but u can call me GhoST) said...

my bad?

Donald Williams said...



mandy said...

I KNOW you got a phone that has some kinda calendar on it.

I ALWAYS blame technology but in this case I'm blaming human error. Set that shit up to have an alarm go off on the days you need to move your whip.

On another note, I keep forgetting what day it is too. Catch is it doesn't much matter for me.

Stop being bitter and go invert your frustration away. You know it's a good plan.