Thursday, February 28, 2008

Rap Is Outta Control: Gangsta P's Contributions

how dare you question his trendsetting, look at what he has brung to the table

this aim convo is in reference to this article detailing wherein gangsta p aka prodigy of mobb deep* lists the contributions he has made. on the surface it merely looks like hip hop swag run rampant, however on a deeper level he has changed the fabric of our lives with his innovations.

featuring: donwill as A and young h as B

A (12:03:04 AM): and dont let me catch you using an exta b
A (12:03:05 AM): son
A (12:03:09 AM): p gave youthat b
A (12:03:18 AM): dont be spellin mob w/ no extra b
B (12:03:21 AM): an extra b
B (12:03:31 AM): FAM
B (12:03:59 AM): yall niggas woulda signed to AB records if not for Prodigy
B (12:04:16 AM): nigga gave yall that extra B
A (12:04:32 AM): bbe?
A (12:04:33 AM): nah fam
A (12:04:34 AM): BE
A (12:04:42 AM): bbc?
A (12:04:44 AM): not really
A (12:04:51 AM): not til prodigy made that happen
B (12:04:54 AM): nigga was just Beni before he met Prodigy
A (12:04:59 AM): HAHAHAHA
A (12:05:04 AM): busy b?
A (12:05:07 AM): he was just busy
A (12:05:18 AM): he changed the face of music
B (12:06:01 AM): niggas with fat fetishes used to just look for BW's
B (12:06:07 AM): prodigy changed the face of life
A (12:07:02 AM): oh you want grilled food?
A (12:07:05 AM): you want some ribs?
A (12:07:08 AM): not w/ out p
A (12:07:13 AM): BQ NIGGA
A (12:07:23 AM): when you bite them ribs
A (12:07:25 AM): you bitin p
A (12:07:28 AM): gangsta p
A (12:07:29 AM): lol
B (12:09:55 AM): nigga had a guitar named Lucille, just named B King. he aint get recognized til Prodigy gave him the seal of approval
A (12:10:26 AM): we need to recognize him for his black history contributions
A (12:10:27 AM): lol
B (12:10:30 AM): it was just Be and CeCe Winans
A (12:11:03 AM): lmao
B (12:11:49 AM): DJ Drama and them cant even rightfully call themselves Trend Settas anymore
A (12:13:12 AM): oh nah he putti an end to all that
A (12:13:17 AM): fuck that nigga
A (12:13:27 AM): hand tats?
A (12:13:27 AM): nah
A (12:13:30 AM): nope
A (12:13:35 AM): dont let p catch you w/ that
A (12:13:46 AM): he died for our sins almost man
B (12:14:27 AM): shit was just B & T Bank
A (12:14:37 AM): lmao
A (12:14:39 AM): fam
B (12:17:53 AM): nigga changed the face of weaponry as we know it
B (12:17:57 AM): shit was just a B gun
A (12:18:33 AM): HAHAHAHAHA
A (12:18:41 AM): lmao @ weaponry
A (12:18:43 AM): hahahah
A (12:19:05 AM): defense, banking, music
A (12:19:11 AM): look at all the trends man
B (12:21:00 AM): yo before this nigga prodigy...
B (12:21:16 AM): niggas had to file complaints with the business bureau
B (12:21:24 AM): he made shit better

kudos gangsta p. thanks for teaching us this blog shit for real, lord knows where id be without it. not to mention protools. i am awed and humbled by your numerous contributions. we recognize and celebrate you p.

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exex said...

Now this made me laugh out loud. Y'all are some funny negroes.

Canela_NYC said...

"Brung"?! Really, Don?! LMAO

young h said...

I switched out the names cause you're a rapper and I'm a blogger and Queensbridge is always watching...


(peace to exex whoever you are)

kryptonknight said...

would bun b, just be bun?!