Monday, January 28, 2008

i am going to shoot a video

click the picture to see the video, if you are into that kinda thing

after waking up to this on youtube and thinking about the ambition of a kid and their digital camera i have decided to bankroll* my own video shoot. i will shoot, direct and star in it. there may or may not be cameos depending on if i feel like dragging my friends down with me, more that likey there wont be unless i use uncleared footage of them from all the times ive just been shooting at random.

it will probably involve me in my junky ass box of an apartment doing non rapperish things while rapping. there will not be a shout out section at the top of my video just a very simple sequence of very boring shots cut in some sort of entertaining manner. im already building a list of shots in my head such as:
  • classic long shot
  • classic close up shot
  • classic sitting down shot
  • classic walking down the street shot
  • classic getting dressed shot
  • classic in the booth shot
  • and several others...

i will then share my video with the world via youtube. when people comment on how poorly shot the noticeably low budget clip is i will then say it just shows that i dont take myself too seriously, but some people will think that from jump.

i will do this all in one day because well its not that hard and it wont be that complicated of a shoot. maybe i will break down the shooting and editing to 2 days but that probably wont even be necessary. i dont have a song in mind, it may be for a song nobody has ever heard but it will NOT be for anything_related_to_tanya_morgan_at_all_period.mp3

suburban sprawl maybe? we'll see... that still does not usurp the original idea that i have not shared with anyone besides suhBURB, scott and von. (btw george if you are reading this and i dont mention it ask me about it so i can see if you can help me out)

you may be asking your self "why don, why?" well simply put, because i can.

this blog is in no way taking shots at tokyo diva or parodying her thought process in shooting the linked video. i actually find it really invigorating that the kids arent waiting on handouts due to feelings of entitlement. we can ALL take notes from that cus nobody is going to save your life fam. may as well believe in yourself right?

*bankroll meaning spend my time, not money. well they are the same thing essentially tho right? whatever


bananaclipse(3.0) said...

sounds HS we used to make 5-10 minute movies just because. They sucked but it was fun and funny. We made a video for NORE's "head bussa"

Exex said...

Good deal, DonSpielberg.

Canela_NYC said...

Sounds like you are feeling better. In that case, el negro, answer my research questions! Hell, video yourself rapping while answering them.

trace said...

omg why did i think that was me in the middle with the hat and the hair for a second?? that was scary.

trace said...

omg why did i think that was me in the middle with the hat and the hair for a second?? that was scary.