Monday, January 14, 2008

baby, if you ever wondered, wondered whatever became of me (c) wkrp's theme song

*almost there*

the bridge
we doin our
place (filthier interlude)
the takeoff
be you
HHID part 2
got to get done
get me inside
how low

von pea - brickbeats - mysterious - 88 keys

next stop brooklynati...

footnote: the roebling bridge (cincinnati's main bridge) was designed after the brooklyn bridge. it is a miniature version made to scale and everything. in the given context thats kinda strange huh?


Sandy said...

Interesting factoid... and eerie.


amanda said...


good music is coming!

Anonymous said...

is it safe to assume im gonna get a cd yet? lol... damn im madd annoying lol... i heard Low Key finally finished Beat Thieves... i need that 1 too... TM's biggest fan! damn... im like that nerdy kid Von plays on skit 3 n 4 on Moonlighting... =/ im quitting my job soon but im keeping money on the side for a Bridge CD, Brooklynati, EGU, Random Acts, and And I Love Her. ill try and keep something for ..Sprawl and Pea's Gotta... i kno u guys dont disappoint!

Canela_NYC said...

That bridge anecdote is perfect!

LMAO @ WKRP theme. That's all I heard when I told people I was moving there!!