Monday, January 14, 2008

baby, if you ever wondered, wondered whatever became of me (c) wkrp's theme song

*almost there*

the bridge
we doin our
place (filthier interlude)
the takeoff
be you
HHID part 2
got to get done
get me inside
how low

von pea - brickbeats - mysterious - 88 keys

next stop brooklynati...

footnote: the roebling bridge (cincinnati's main bridge) was designed after the brooklyn bridge. it is a miniature version made to scale and everything. in the given context thats kinda strange huh?


Sandy said...

Interesting factoid... and eerie.


amanda said...


good music is coming!

luca (but u can call me GhoST) said...

is it safe to assume im gonna get a cd yet? lol... damn im madd annoying lol... i heard Low Key finally finished Beat Thieves... i need that 1 too... TM's biggest fan! damn... im like that nerdy kid Von plays on skit 3 n 4 on Moonlighting... =/ im quitting my job soon but im keeping money on the side for a Bridge CD, Brooklynati, EGU, Random Acts, and And I Love Her. ill try and keep something for ..Sprawl and Pea's Gotta... i kno u guys dont disappoint!

Canela_NYC said...

That bridge anecdote is perfect!

LMAO @ WKRP theme. That's all I heard when I told people I was moving there!!