Friday, December 14, 2007

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not much to say today, im about to go over to von pea's crib and do a lil recording. maybe even get another episode of lessondary radio up, keyword maybe.

my friday is really your monday. shit my whole week is your monday simply because everyday is the first day of the work week aka the shit just dont stop. i would trade it for the world but not just any world you know. shit is rough but its fair (c) bonz malone.

yeah so iont know what to say man i really dont. shit i almost didnt wanna blog but i been missin in action lately. alot of meetings and alot of talking about how to make the next few months forever. if yall could see the behind the scenes of making an album when you have enough attention on you to warrant its proper release you would maybe understand what is goin down over here. i basically have a weekend long meeting. WEEKEND LONG, chock full of phone calls, arguments, and calculated decsions.

ill share as much of ^taht^ as i can with you without sacrificing the little bit of mystique i have left and on that note imma go get ready to attack my monday, enjoy your weekends.

**shout out to my cbox crew, i miss yall too. its probably a good thing that im absent tho, means something is gettin done right? :)

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