Thursday, December 13, 2007

the hipster olympics

yeah i broke my song title posting, so what.

i think im late on this video. i saw it posted a while ago but for some reason never watched it. i didnt feel like spending the 8 minutes. its pretty cool up until they start the events. if you aitn got nothing better to do watch it the whole way thru, if you do just watch it up tilt he events. i chuckled.

today is going to suck, well later today anyway. no im not feeding into some defeatist attitude im accepting the inherent truth prior to dealing with it to my advantage. it shouldnt suck but there has been an underlying suck just kinda lingering throughout the past few days. who really cares about my cryptics right now tho, lets not do that.

yeah so im going to try and find my system restore disc that came with my cpu and return this bitch the the factory defaults. if THAT dont work ill officially be at my wits end. i got everything backed up tho and if i dont im sure i can get copies of all the programs im using from somebody.

i guess my life is just kinda purging itself.

check out this guys music and tell me waht you think: bullion** i think its dope as shit. and while you are at it run over to the 2dopeboyz site and grab the official boondocks mixtape. we are featured on there twice with aeon (walk this way) and khrysis (bout to be some) alot of ppl were askin where they could get that song at when we were on the road, you can get it at the above link.

its snowing/sleeting and i have no real groceries. im hitting the wall, hard. yay



Sandy said...


Canela_NYC said...

LMAO @ Global Warming is the new empanada.

Donald Williams said...

this video perfectly illustrates my contempt for billysberg

thatdudedave said...
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thatdudedave said...

this link doesnt work....

i aint sayin shit about the misspelling

but i cant find bullionhess

Donald Williams said...

my bad

u-mag said...

The vid was hilarious!! Working in Soho for 2yrs almost sucked me in, but everybody knows that the anti-hipster is the new hipster, anyway.. *face all aloof*

Bullion is hot...very, how do you say...Dillatastic.

After about 12hrs, the sleet storm is finally OVAHHH... To shovel, or to let it melt? THAT, kind sir, is the question... (gotta love jersey)