Monday, October 01, 2007

what do jaylib and the overweight lover have in common?

i dont even think she reads this blog at all but whatever lol
now on to the proceedings....


so last night (i didnt really get an ansaaah, ansaaah, ansaaaah *CLAPCLACLAPCLAPCLAP*.. damn rap tourrettes) i went to see a show by a band that a good friend of mines is in. the band is named heavy and i have been hearing about their live show for a while now and they lived up to the hype, shit was awesome son. i hear they are taking it to europe next but if they are in your town check em out. the point of all this is less about a show you all didnt see and more about copping jazz money when it drops on october 2nd.

but prior to leaving for the show i get hit up via telephone about this blog that was posted on myspace by the homie questlove. its no secret that tanya morgan was incepted thanks to me and von hanging out at his message board and ever since we passed him a moonlighting cassette he has been a huge supporter. but the kicker is it aint like he just likes our music cus we be on his message board, he actually likes it. and thats one hypercritical mufucka. shout out to black thought also. at the end of the day when you can say the cats who inspire you respect what you do that lets you know you are doin yo job.

man point blank period we are going to vegas. i claimed that when the contest started and hot damnit it is coming to me/us. that dont mean you dont need to vote! CLICK THIS WHOLE DAMN PARAGRAPH TO VOTE!

in other news, there is no other news. im doing what the hell i do, recording, selling shirts, staying up late and drinkin coffee. what more is there to say? oh yeah i know what, that freaking jim jones/max b song produced by pete rock is freaking heatrock. i would link it but i dont feel like hunting down a link. google blog search is your friend.

okay until i got something else to say ill see you in the comments section

*i just realized my neice had her baby like 2-3 days before her birthday. thats kinda crazy. like imagine if they were born on the same day. yall know anybody who shares the same bday as their kids?

p.s. - this just in: i know alot of our fans. like ALOT of them. personally at that! thats kinda awesome


Fresh Daily said...
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Donald Williams said...

didnt your bday already pass? im so confused.... i remember getting hit in the head by a light on your bday and being really really drunk.

Sandy said...
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Sandy said...
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Donald Williams said...

between buying kanye and yazzmonay and LB dropping i think im gnna be buying albums again.

its kinda weird goin in record stores and knowing ppl for sale


Sandy said...



Lemme leave this idea 'lone.

ms. swifty said...

so mad i missed the show last night. i was workin'... it sucked. i listened to heavy while i worked though. :)

pee are eye tee tee why boooooy!mmHM, mmHM, mmHM!

Donald Williams said...

wehn you bakin more cookies K?

Me said...

I still need that piracy remix for Countdown

young h said...

me = Me

amanda said...

*sips mocha latte*

google blog search is my best friend. it never lets me down.

and very cool that you know your fans. that's a desirable quality in a musician that a lot of people are tending to ignore these days.

Sandy said...
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N.ick said...

HEAVy officially thanks you.


Anonymous said...

it was AWESOME!!! - spec