Wednesday, October 31, 2007

happy halloween

this is not my costume. its close tho. this is what i dressed up as in vegas, kinda. see i didnt wanna get mistaken for a real person and the cholo's/ese's are still alive and kicking. so i opted for being a rick james/micheal jackson hybrid. its hard to explain so i wont

this year im gonna be eazy e. i gotta go finish getting my costume. ill take pictures and shit. and you guys who dress up should take photos too. i know tia is dressing up as a plant which is awesome btw.

why am i still so jetlagged man? FUCK... i gotta get up outta this bed man.


thatdudedave said...

the dry curl looks good on you(no homo) should rock that more often! lol

Sandy said...

what dave said, but I imagine thats sorta what you looked like when you had hair.

I ain't leaving my house... should I dress up for rehearsal? I don't think folks will be able to concentrate if I do.

Oh, and you're not jetlagged. You're just lazy. GITCHO ARSE outta BED!

tia said...

1 - yay! eazy e.
2 - if you're using the wig in the photo pls trim it for authenticity.
3 - i already dressed up.
4 - i wasn't no damn plant!
5 - i won a prize! i blogged about it.
6 - there was an ice cube/eazy e at the party. his wig was fantastic!

Donald Williams said...

sandy - stop being lame and go trick or treating you freaking workaholic.

tia - your costume could not be beter than my plant idea at all. imagine how many priczes THAT woulda wonyou

tia said...

your plant idea = lameolas

elucid said...

nigga u look like mc gusto from cb4
"im black, im black, im blackity black and im black yall!"

Sandy said...

YES!!!! CB4!!!! YES!!!

I'm lame today 'cause I'mma be HOOOT tomorrow.

You gonna miss a GREAT friggin show.

Donald Williams said...

yo elucid man


you are an ass yo

man bump yo show nigga


id go if i could

vash...thee lvvr said...

my dog!