Friday, September 07, 2007

trackademicks & a hyphy whitey

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so tonight we will be in dc at some club called the red and black. I am horrible about keeping inventory of venue names and dates and times, HORRIBLE. i dont even help with the setlist, i just kinda sit there like 'word up, sounds great, im down, awesome'. its not that im not interested but i think my forte is in the song creation, not presentation. ilyas wont be there but in his place will be che grand, spec boogie, aeon and big nan. that better be a big stage...

so a few nights ago i was hangin out with the honor roll and i snapped a few shots and took a few performance clips. i really like the shot that i have linked in the blog. a combination of this shot and uploading my images to flickr makes me miss my professional photography days, alot. i want to get back into it and i think i will, i just gotta get a professional grade digital camera. with the advent of craigslist this shouldnt be too hard

speaking of craigslist do yall ever peruse thru those missed connections ads? they are awesome, i wanna put up a totally fictious one to see if anybody lies or better yet if i can write myself into somebodies life. like tehy will read it and be like OH SHIT! and im just wingin it. that wouldnt be so awesome, so i dont think i will. but i mean do people really actively read those things looking for somebody that is looking for them? that is some random ass shit man. but i guess at the end of the day there are ppl who go to craigslist like i go to GO IN! DOT COM on the regular. lord konws im not giving up my card carrying member status no time soon.

but what will be hard even with craigslist on my side is sellin this damn car. exex gave some great comment section advice and i looked into it, this sunday i hope to clean, photograph and post up the car to a few sites. the yahoo listing site looks good too. this shit is gonna take fore EVER to sell

and my gout is doing much better thanks for asking.

enjoy your weekend and ill try to do the same, i will even do better about coming back after the weekend. if yall are having the kind of week that i been having tho, you barely got time to read a blog, let alone write one.

p.s. - THAT NEW WINDOWS LIVE HOTMAIL EMAIL OFFERS 5 GIGABYTES OF STORAGE SPACE!!?!? MY FIRST CPU ONLY HAD A 4 GIG HARDDRIVE MAN!! WTF?!? i still hate hotmail with a passion and i think the new interface is not only dumber but it has too many bells and whistles for the kid man, thats why i like gmail but 5 gigs, you best believe i got me an account over there just to have it lol

p.p.s - hey voters, the booth is closing today and i kinda have an annoucment to make to those of you interested in me video blogging. erm, prolly aint gonna happen. not until i figure out something interesting to say or do and when i DO do it ill be doin it on my youtube page. yeah i dont know if i can anchorman my life in moving pictures as well as i can narrate it in text.

p.p.p.s - this was too goode not to link! im not even a fan of her like that but i will say she is a pretty girl, kinda reminds me of lacey duvalle in a weird way, but maybe thats just me.


Sandy said...

OH this is an AWESOME entry.

Chock full of things to comment on!
1)Meg's biddies make me want implants. It's a really tasteful shot.

2)running to hotmail for ANOTHER backup account.

3)tired of stuffing the various ballot boxes. Glad voting is nearly done.

and finally, The missed connections section is scary and hilarious. A gentleman caller was kind enough(?) to write something for me and stick it in that section... sending me on a goose chase to find it. Interesting mix of things said in there. POST SOMETHING!!!! See who comes calling!

Hows the ringworm?

exclusivelyexclusive said...

Megan Good is cute. She has those bubble lips going on and now the boobies. Now if she could just be in a mainstream movie....

I need to check out those missed connections ads.

And your last name is Freeman? That was my grandmother's maiden name. Where was your family from pre-Ohio? Maybe we are 35th cousins once removed. Who really knows.

Donald Williams said...

i LOATHE hotmail, with a freaking passion but thanks to making a fake myspace page on tour nad needing a new email address to do so i got an account, i dont even remember the info tho :/

i aint usin that shit

megs ladybits are nice now, but i really wish she was lacy duvalle, then i could really like that pr0n starlette

and about those missed encounters, i may have once err... uh, yeah. ive said too much, i havent said enough...

about the freeman thing, i know my moms folk is from alabama but i dont really know where my dads ppls orinate from. his mom was like full blood native american or some shit so thats where it comes from i guess i should ask him, its not like i havent known him my whole life lol

im gonna go back over to craigslist, now lol

exclusivelyexclusive said...

I don't understand how the people who post on the missed connections think they'll find the person they're looking for. I mean, who really thinks "oh, shoot. I shoulda kicked it to that dude. Let me go check out missed connections on craigslist." Come on. Plus, I think half those entries are made up anyway.

Donald Williams said...

my point exactly. i mean you dont be at the bar like 'dam where did shorty go? shit imma have to check the list to seee if she p;osted a missed connect'

thats that space age pimpin. they should advertise that sex-shun

and rename it to sex-shun too

Donald Williams said...


"nameless new years lover" - w4m - 26
Reply to:
Date: 2007-09-06, 9:28PM EDT

is what i wrote in my journal.

so, a few years back on NYE, i guess in '04, i was out at the old pick up join called "union pool"

i was on my way out when i saw you in that hat.
i picked you up with a crazy line, you seemed impressed with my conversation skills, maybe cuz all those other bitches are crazy... but that's besides the point.

on the way home we tried to write our names in the wet concrete but it was too hard.

then we f'd with my window shades open.

then we realized it was crazy what we were doing and you left.


do you live just down the street?

is that you selling vintage shit and books every weekend?

i should prob just ask, but how embarrassing is it to say 'did we f a few years ago, and if so, what's your name?'

i tentatively wrote "ben" hoping i had a hint of memory in all the mess. but i could be wrong.

exclusivelyexclusive said...

Yeah, I saw this one and just knew this idiot wanted peple to know that he'd picked some girl up and "f'd her with the shades up." Man, WHO CARES. My dog tries to f his toy with the shades up everyday!

Sandy said...

I think the anonymous pouring out of your heart can be/is cathartic. That's probably the draw.