Monday, September 10, 2007

runnin from the police in dc

i dont know if you been told but our show in dc got shut down by the police. its a very long story that i dont really feel like recanting here but you you would like to read about it run on over to von pea's myspace page and read his blog. The above video clip and ensuing flickr photo frenzy is what our dc show got reduced to. i would like to say that who ever was off in that clip screaming "I LOOOVE YOU DOOONWILLLLLLLL!!!" you are awesome.*

so if im not gonna address that then what am i gonna talk about? well while my lessondary constituates headed back up the turnpike i got to hang back and relax. I ended up at the dc black family reunion.

between walkin to tents for shade and buying festival priced food i saw alot of fun bieng had. you ever sit and just watch kids play? i mean like not glance but just spend a little time watching how inventive and free spirited they are. so willing to make and break new relationships with other strange kids that they will probably wont see beyond the game of 'empty dasani bottle sword fight'. that shit is amazing man. i guess once you get your first taste of women, wine and song things like that are pretty much not worth their weight in imagination. and why imagine when you can actually do some of that stuff you dreamed about only to realize its alot more work and less fun than it was when it was a casual desire. you know flying to the moon is an awesome dream until you realize that those guys go thru some rigorous training to make that trip. why go thru all that when you can put a mixing bowl on your head and lay upside down on the couch while simulating the countdown/blastoff sequence? what sounds like more fun: months of rigorous training or a few minutes of reckless abandon in the comfort of your own home. like for real, im gonna go try and find the wonderment that an empty box, broken branch or any other random object holds.

tre songs performed and some very nice music trivia is that i am literally one degree of seperation away from him, musically. He has done extensive work with a canadian artist named Drake (who yall may know as jimmy from ((damn whats the name of that show he is on, its like a teen soap opera)) and well we have done a few songs with drake. Shit we are all probably on the same album. he also complained about not being able to remove his shirt the entire time. i kid you not, son was livid but he was doin it more for the young ladies who subsequently chased his van damn near to the washington monument. i mean they were frenzied to the point where the screaming and running after this dude almost interrupted a milestone in my concert going experiences.

i was treated to seeing none other than EN VOGUE performing live and in concert. Even tho dawn** has been replaced by a girl named rhonna bennet*** that looks just like coco from SWV one of the greatest groups of all time still got it man. i dont know who was your favorite of the four but cyndi is kinda diesel (and apparently married too) she looks like she could kick a niggas ass with ease. maxine on the other hand... lets just say that i LOVED maxine and she can still do no wrong and is still lookin good, even if she gained a few pounds. all in all man it was really dope seeing them perform for the first time in my life and not being dissapointed at all.

okay ill probably come back and p.s. this thing to death, its monday so i gotta lotta 'work' to do. be back later...

*why did you chase the van like those girls did for tre songs? i take that back, you are almost awesome. lol

**whateever happened with that man? why did she leave again? and are they still speaking at all? lucy pearl was a great group/album tho

***to her credit tho she held shit down on the vocals and really sounded good.

**** shout out to soul by the pound for the linkage. right back at cha homie!


tia said...

rhona used to be on the mickey mouse club and later she was on the jamie foxx show. i was wondering how you ended up at an en vogue show.

Donald Williams said...

rhona was kinda dope, i didnt want to like her at first but she did dawn's legacy justice.

im gonna bring her to your birtday party

tia said...

i ain't rsvp for that chick! there won't be a cupcake for her.

tia said...

degrassi. jimmy from degrassi. ok i'm exiting your comment box now.

Sandy said...

yeah what tia said. How can you forget Degrassi Junior high? and the even more scandalous New Class, that Drake was a part of?

Ah right... not a girl. Right. Your love of RnB leads me to forget sometimes.

exclusivelyexclusive said...

Did you sit on the couch with a bowl on your head playing blast-off as a child? Cause that imagery was hilarious. Little Donweezy's playtime.

dj harvey dent said...

missed the afterparty. dammit.

young h said...

"i love you donwill" was novembersgift