Tuesday, September 11, 2007

i know how it feel to wake up f*cked up (c) biggie

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i am officially sick. it could be allergies but ive been pumping my body full of vitamins and anitoxidant oj since yesterday evening to no avail, well i wont say no avail but i can still feel whatever is ailing me.

i think its allergies tho cus that dumb ass cat kept attacking me last night, i swear to god one time i woke up and it was on my face damn near. it would NOT go away. so i woke up and my throat is just raw, my body aches and my eyes are itchy. I have been sneezing like crazy to boot.

i am really tryna figure this out tho, yesterday i had a salad and automatically my stomach was on TILT. like i thought i was gonna die damn near. then i drank some oj and took a one a day vitamin and felt better. still made my way to the opening night of the danny hoch* play which was pretty damn good.

von hit me up yesterday saying one of my favorite producers whom i have yet to work with wants us on his new project and ive been on pins and needles ever since. i am hoping he sent the track cus we need a look from somebody outside the camp bad right now, but thats a whole nother entry.

i just wanna go home and get back in the bed but unfortunately i have to get my keyboard clack on here at the plantation :( yesterday the gay guy sat in his office and watched the office really loudly on his computer. i was kinda jealous AND the other girl always wears jeans and sneakers but if im not mistaken this is not allowed. i hate this god forsaken place

p.s. - the vans make my gout act up, i will be getting rid of them asap :( and i LOVE those shoes but it aitn worth the pain at all.

footnote: who made up iced coffee? for real. like why would i want coffee cold? isnt the point of coffee that its hot? i mean i dont know... i need some tho, bad. i havent had my daily boost and i gotta get it in me.

*shout out to the homie alma, she stay lookin out :)


Sandy said...

iced coffee is for when you need that hit, but it's too hot to walk the streets with a steamy cup.

Iced coffee isn't bad. And this is the second time you're bringing this up. It really bothers you?

Just drink it with some (soy) milk or tons of sugar and you'll be good.

Its not like it's room temp coffee. Thats groady.

sophistiphunk said...

hot coffee is for suckas! hahaha
vietnamese iced coffee will change yer life. tastes like coffee icecream
really though. get well soon.
& please! what is the name of that janelle monae song you played last 'cast? gotta have it! have it!

Donald Williams said...

janelle monae, letting go from teh purple ribbon album or mixtape or whatever. back when kryptonite was the jam.

ppl slept all over it


Filthy said...

hehehehe ..
sandy said groady.

Sandy said...

to the max.

drea said...

feel better!

try some hot tea with honey. skip the sugar.

and nice to know there's another caffiene addict in the world. I just got my daily dose about a half hour ago. instant headache cure.

exclusivelyexclusive said...

Why drink coffee, period? Never understood it. Why not drink say..soda? Same effect.

And why don't you try keeping your bedroom door closed so that you can keep the cat from sitting on your face at night and from rolling around in the covers while you're at work? Or why not get rid of it and just get a dog--a far superior house pet?

nickels said...

i get my caffeine fix from col'dranks, although i'm trying to give up the sauce.
all that high fructose corn syrup is bad.
and it stains your teeth.
AND it jacks up your guts.

decaffeinated green tea is what's up.

Anonymous said...

you dont need coffee you need this
this should get you hyped everyday

this is the group TM most reminds me of

Donald Williams said...

yo anonymous your link got cut off

i have no idea what that is lol

Anonymous said...

sorry about that....
here is it...i hate youtube links...LOL

Anonymous said...

how'd I know it was going to be a Pharcyde link before looking?


Anonymous said...

because when the pharcyde came out the industry was selling "ganster-rap" and slept on real hip-hop(not sayin that NWA, dogg pound, snoop, ghetto boys..werent doin it)....
and now you have tanya morgan(murs, k-otix, kay of the...the list it long)....who the industry is just dead asleep on....and you have this niggerish ass mtv rap...aye bay bay!!!
and im puttin TM up there with the pharcyde!
peace.....sorry i rambled

coppercoloredgal said...

what you know about latoiya williams??? thats my shit right there, since she was with snoop in 02'.

hope your feeling better, que??