Saturday, September 15, 2007

party like a rockstar... kinda

the best part of this clip is not the lip biting rock out with your cock out axe wailing that i was doing, its the two spanish kids that ran up on me like YO!!! OH SHIT SON YOU REALLY PLAYIN THE GUITAR?!?! and my startled 'ohshitson' grabbing of the camera and shutting it off in lamed out 'im taping myself' embarrasment

yeah so this weekend I'm relatively stationary and bound to my computer for the duration of the day but man o man did i have fun last night. kinda

i was supposed to be goin to the puma party* but ended up stuck in the line outside. even tho puma sponsored us at the brooklyn hip hop festival and the guy who put the event together personally invited me, in new york everybody has a similar story. that means nothing here. you show up late, you miss out unless you got clout at the door which obviously dont. i was kinda upset that i aint make it in cus i wanted a drink bad... BAD

but fresh daily was having his 'hey guys, im kind of a big deal come hang out with me instead' party and since we were stuck outside on line we decided to just make our way over there early. i wanted to cop kanye so we made a pitstop in best buy and thats where i discovered GUITAR HERO! man o man. i mean i remember all the hoopla but i dont play video games so i just didnt really pay attention but that joint is the SHIT! i mean let me correct that, when you know the song you are playing it is the shit, cus sweet child o mine was HARD to play but heart shaped box had me feelin like a rock star.

after being pryed away from best buy with graduation in hand we made our way to the party. it was being billed as open bar from 9-10 but THEN that turned into $25 gets you open bar all night. so we did what we always do, copped a can of that goood sparks and took a walk with our brown bagged beverages. so we across the street from some bar just drankin and chillin right, on the sidewalk shootin the breeze when outta the blue at random a dude walks up and says 'hey guys i thought we were goin to a house party and ended up here, you want this six pack? i cant take it in the bar'
nigga... we drank the shit outta them joints LOL. like seriously, drank the entire living shit outta them beers. then rolled into the party with our proper buzz on.

the party was cool and i was chillin talkin to hassan mackey when suddenly i feel a real sharp pain on my head. i am like 'wtf?' and i grab my head and hassan goes 'son that light just fell from up there and hit you' man it was like a construction yellow metal light. shit had to weigh at least 5 pounds. im talkin about i thought i was bleeding and i was so busy tryna play it off that i aint even think to go talk to the club owner about it and try to get some guap.

man that shit hurt, bad and i woke up with a knot on my noggin to show for it. not to mention my toe is back on OUCH status from all that walkin and my throat is generally sore from the shift in climate.

my weekends are awesome

p.s. - anybody know where i can get an xbox 360 for the low?

*ayo exex, how was that joint? im sooo salty man. i wanted to get up in there bad.


randy said...

you should check the Hi Tech board for 360 shit

Donald Williams said...

somebody got one for 100? i neeed guitar hero son!

Anonymous said...


I need lessons.


exclusivelyexclusive said...

The Puma party was nice and it wasn't crowded, so I don't understand why they wouldn't let people in. There was so much room, I was kinda shocked. But the people at the door had some serious attitude. The only reason we got in was because my friend knew the guy at Puma throwing the party, so he escorted us in.

I can't believe a ligaht hit you in the head?! You should been on some, "If I don't get free open bar, I might have to sue" and got yourself and your friends free drinks. That's messed up.

Well, I guess we had a *missed connection,* McDayJob. We'll have to run into each other at some other party.

P.S. That's not me in that photo. I got that off some website. But those same kids were there.

randy said...

someone got an iphone for 100 in HT, but its fuckin up on them

that guitar and shit costs more money too, they had a turntable game like Guitar Hero

copper said...

not selling mine but i have one.

but do some random ass go up into best buy and set up a camera and start you make me laugh.

Donald Williams said...

man i dont want a jesus phone

Filthy said...

lol your story guitar hero is soooo much funnier now that i've seen that video

Donald Williams said...

we need to posse up on an xbox 360 and keep it at your crib

Sandy said...

RE: the posse xbox (ooh that sounds dirty) I got 5 on it.

Fresh Daily said...


Patrice said...

ohh that video gave me a nice chuckle, thanks