Monday, September 17, 2007

my mom can kick your mom's ass (c) me

i got old youtube clips for days son

"if you go to the doctor they are just gonna tell you its broke and if it is there is not too much they can do for you, just dont move it" that was the gangsta ass advice my mother gave me regarding my gout. no my mother is not micheal moore, she is just that gangsta.

i actually am pretty damn home sick and have been thinking of going back for an extended stay. alot is goin on in the heart of it all. our family is getting ready for a new addition (man if one more of yall freeman niggas have a girl) and my dad is holdin his health down (yup) and my mom is just gangsta in general (greatest woman EVAR!) and im in nyc missin all the action. i think my mind just wanders back there as a form of retreat during rough patches, cus i tell you what, when its good its great and cincinnati is the furthest thing from right.

in other news we got selected to participate in this contest that im probably saying to much about by saying anything right now so i will wait until the promotional hoopla rolls out. i think the contest is a pretty big to do and i also think that it could really help in raising our profile alot

this blog is just the monday check in edition, i still feel sick and i kinda just want to go home and drink some tea. okay i gotta go fax and copy some shit for me and them. ill be back with my edits, or we can just chat it up in the comments section like we usually do.

p.s. - i hate that youtube clip, HATE. shit looks painful but its the first thing that popped into my head when i thought of MOM FIGHT. at anyrate, watching real violence bothers me. fictional violence is cool tho, pretty fun to watch. im so contradictory.

p.p.s. - *pending - watch this space for edits*


Sandy said...

I'm scared of your mom. for reals.

And congrats in advance? too early to say?

Donald Williams said...

dont you go jinxin us by giving congrats before the promotional blitz rolls out, you dont even know what you congratulating lol

i got a few questions about the papers tho

Sandy said...

i know nooothing.