Thursday, September 20, 2007

music please (c) epmd

here's a thought i have been rollin around for a few months now...

so im a pretty big common fan. i own all of his albums and feel that he is one of the artists that displays the type of longevity that artistic integrity can give. I especially like how he always recants that he had his first experience with hip hop in cincinnati.

fandom aside tho son has spit a few clunkers. his most notable two lines that give me the chuckles are

tryna control that shit so my soul dont get/ dirty for some girly, unworthy of the flowers
e=mc2 - 'the shining'

now i dont know about you guys but i aint callin my sex 'the flowers' (well i may do it now cus that shit is just comical) but like okay. common is a pretty deep poet. maybe he meant in a courtship kinda way where you know you show up at a girls house with a bouquet and its a symbol of purity and growing love (not a half dying plant that will wither, i hate flowers that arent alive) yeah maybe he meant it that way. BUT my mind immediately wanders over to the act of deflowering a virgin. and i sincerely doubt that the radio rashid is a virgin.

in time you'll remember this, hardcore gentleness
so far to go - 'the shining'

this one is just kinda weird. hardcore gentleness? like really? i mean what is that about? is that like suge knight doing this? well that seemed more like date rape on tape. i dont know man that line just bothers me. hardcore gentleness. is that like when thugs cry?

honorable mention:
my radio station is deep so 'fm' (eff em)
the game - finding forever

i threw this in there for my homie who will probably get mad if i type his name out because i guess this aint the most pc post. i dont think that line is that bad to be honest, i mean sure its schmaltzy as all get out but thats com's thing. he uses metaphor, simile and double entendre so much that all of em cant be redonkulously layered and deep. i mean that would just make him too good. and thats not fair to anybody now is it? actually being too good is a problem, but thats a whole nother post.

i mean i LOVE common, but i cant lie these lines tickle me. i got a theory about his lines off of the shining. like he was living with dilla and based on my 'mc ear' it sounds like he was just writing quick demos and thats what happened. like those songs on the shining from common are the equivalent of freestyles. well thought out, written freestyles but rough takes nonetheless. this is evident by his reworking of so far to go. i like the new version better cus d'angelo sounds fuller on it but i will never forget commons 'hardcore gentleness' (pause)

but yeah.. lessondary radio.. ...

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thatdudedave said...

what is suge doin?!!!
the compton choke hold?
the neck breaker?

forget about the runnin man or the roger rabbit

Donald Williams said...

suge is pretty much cavemaning (taking) teh pussy.

not to be confused with peytonmanning the pussy (passing)

Filthy said...

is that how you superman a hoe??

Donald Williams said...

that is how you suffocate a hoe

Pea! said...


Donald Williams said...


thatdudedave said...

LOL @ filthy!

Sandy said...

Mmmm...choking. Some girls like that.

Doesn't look like she's one of

Donald Williams said...
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exclusivelyexclusive said...

Um, we're still awaiting your input over at! Help us solve the heroin dilemma.