Monday, September 24, 2007


they aint have enough trophies so i made my own lol

this post is dedicated to a dear friend of mines, he is actually one of the few high school friends that i still talk to. i wont call his name out because if he is reading my blog (which i am pretty sure he doesnt, none of my flesh and blood friends check my blog like that.. HI MOM!) he will know that i am talking to him. the reason i am posting it up in public is because i think the message is universal. okay so here goes:

life is hard man, real hard. but you know this already right? i mean you been catching your fair share of bumps, scrapes and bruises both publicly and private, but we all have man. trust me the grass aint no greener and the struggle aint no easier. it just looks that way, it always does. even when i person is tellin you their missteps it looks better if you admiring they shoes, ya dig? but you know this too man, you a sharp dude. the thing i really wanted to say tho is stop incessantly talking about whats going wrong. its like i was tellin the homie living room johnson the other day, complaint and comf0rt are born of the same thing. there is comfort in your complaints and that breeds complacency. i didnt study the english language but i bet those three words are related just based on how they look. nothing is all bad man, your life can not, i repeat can NOT be that excruciatingly horrible that its just all bad to the point where you giving the spoils of life all your shine. trust me man everybody has problems, and while their problems may seem trivial or desireable they are stilll problems. find your own answers and look inward for that thing that makes the problems more liveable. problems are a part of a test, and in taking a test even when you fail you gain a lesson. okay im rambling, ill stop here.

so yesterday i went to the Mahmoud Ahmadinejad debate/lecture that happened on at Columbia's campus and i took a few photos. The event was kinda crazy and Lee Bollinger went IN on that nigga man, like he kinda just attacked him with the opening remarks but im sure everybody knows that by now. More importantly running around with my point and shoot made me miss photography, alot. I said a while ago that i was gonna just shift my focus to music because you can do art well into your old age, but i think im getting the visual arts bug again. i mean i been playin around in photoshop/illustrator as evidenced by the lil image i got posted up there but i feel like i got some decent shots yesterday, actually i feel like content of the images aside my flickr in general has some very well composed images. im loooking to get back into it asap, seriously. im gonna up my game and get a second hand professional grade digital camera and a lense and get busy. I love film nad i miss my darkroom, but that shit is expensive.

this has been a pretty boring blog huh? no raptastic rippety rappertronic updates? no flashing lights look at donwill news? nothing of the sort? how im not just gonna talk about myspace music or the fact that we won the best video award? or nothing? thats wack huh? well click this text and vote so that i can have some rappity rap shit to discuss with yall? until then its all about getting to know don a little bit better, away from the mic...

thats all for now, i gotta go schedule these interviews for my position. aint that a bitch? well hopefully that bitch is fine and tryna f*ck cus im tryna get it in. life aint got me beat yet... no sir, not yet.



aeon? said...

them pics are dope man.

i miss my camera.

Sandy said...

uhm hom many homies you know, know Livingroom Johnson.

That'll be all I say. Here.

Sandy said...

DAMnit. HOW. NOt Hom. See! Told you. Bad Speller. Words and letters get jumbled. The W got turned upsode down in my head.

Or maybe I was just typing in my code?

Can't save it. I need coffee. It's been... uhm... 3 weeks. I friggin miss it. My brain is fuzzy and I tend to ramble in comments and I spell terribly and I'm unmotivated.

It also makes my tummy hurt.

Damnit. No more. It hurts your teeth?

exex said...

As a non-myspace member, I can't even see who is in the lead for the XM contest. This is ridiculous. Y'all winning???

Young H said...

Re: Having problems and shit

A little activity I came up with was to go through all the names of the people in my phone, think of the little that I know of their problems (or if I know a lot) then realize it's not just me going through shit.

That much said: I'm CHILLING in 2008, keeping my loved ones close, my life together and not much else. This year has put me through enough struggle for two years

"The best niggas always go through this"

Sandy said...

Nice banner. How long has THAT been up? Am I just totally oblivious?


Donald Williams said...

its been up for a few days now...


The Write Brother said...

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah!!! I have a cameo in an award winning video!!!