Friday, August 10, 2007

the swag report

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so dig, part of being a rapper is swag and more important than getting swag is using swag. For a few reasons last saturday i wasnt feeling very raptastic at all. That is until the homie over at IHMDJ! hit me up with a nice little package including a few ill ass t's and some lace locks
i rockin these right now (not the kicks just the lace locks)

but back to the shirt. you know shirts with witty catch phrases are so passe, like officially lame. its kinda like trying to make up a cool word and make everybody acknowledge its cool or better yet like those lame ass gift shop shirts you buy at the beach that says 'im with stupid' and has an arrow pointing to the left. i had sworn off shirts with big bold 'imma make a statement' wording on it, until i saw this shirt.

for starters the shirt quotes one of the strangest hip hop hooks in history and that alone held me back from liking what is now one of my favorite songs on one of my favorite albums of all time, slum village's fantastic volume II. this shirt cant lose man.

one girl walked up to me at this loft party we ended up at last saturday night and said 'i dont like your shirt because you cant tell me what to do, i mean if i was even thinkin about sucking your dick you ruined it by having it written all over your chest'. i guess its quite the conversation piece.
shout out to my man photo rob for the pictures he is amazing....


gmFb said...


Sandy said...

how many blogs do you have, Dave?

gmFb said...

oh boy. a LOT. :(

i'm exposed.

Sandy said...

*bert and ernie laugh*

Anonymous said...

what happened to the snarky cartoons?

an why should I vote for you?


Ms. Machete said...

'toine didn't send us any lace locks!! :{ (that is my computer mean mug) ...he might catch a woop ass fo dat one.....well, atleast you rock em well...cheerio!