Thursday, August 09, 2007


i think me and von have some of the best conversations about music in the world. thats the way we met was just talkin about music and then we started pooling our collective efforts into the little group that could and that begat the lessondary. a band of the freshest mc's and snobbiest music snobs you'd ever wanna see rock a stage

so a few days ago we ran up in east village radio, got drunk and took over their radio show and im not gonna lie man, the shit felt good. just bullshittin sittin around havin a beer and relaxing to some of our favorite jams (made by us and friends)

in an attempt to not recreate but single in on and cultivate that feeling von came by the crib with a flash drive full of some of his current faves and a beer to create our brand spanking new podcast. it is with great pride and pleasure i present to you:


if you are reading my blog i take it you are a ride or die fan or friend who doesnt care what kinda music we play or anything, you gonna tune in just because its us being us and having fun as usual. But for those of you who found your way here by accident we played music by Kay of the foundation, Common, carl thomas, blu+exile, benny sings, ghostface,strange fruit project, saigon, intro, lupe fiasco, bilal and A tribe called quest. imnot gonna go into specific songs because well whats the fun of listening if you cant be like OH SHIT! youknow? yougotta excuse how loud i was we are still learning the dynamics of my mic and i was a little drunk (little)

we plan on droppin a new episode every thursday at around noon so this should be quite the regular occurance, i just gotta figure out how to get em up on itunes so that ppl can subscribe and i can build a link on my page that i havent worked on since i put up lol.



tia said...

yes, i love technology but not as much as you, you see. but I STILL love technology. always and forever.


Donald Williams said...

huh? lol

where did i say anythying about technology?

tia said...

you can't make a podcast without technology.

Donald Williams said...

yeah i guess i do love technology lol

i need a job in technology

Filthy said...


Pea! said...

tia, good napoleon dynamite reference lol

tia said...

thanks, von. i thought it was appropriate.

Donald Williams said...

that was WAY over my head lol


randy said...

who produces that lupe joint, the league crew bit was playin behind it right and i didnt here any JL rappers did i

Patrice said...

sahweet :-)

Donald Williams said...

the league crew as in the dj squad that mixed the tape

thats a missy beat