Thursday, August 16, 2007

i think im an addict

fam, my day aint right unless i get me some. i can literally veto breakfast (its an appetite supressant anyway) and just drank some java. i dont even know when i really started on it like that but now its like first think i do when i get to hell* is get me some. and im becoming a snob about it to, like i wont drink the shit they brew in the office cus well it tastes like dirt. no amount of sugar can mask the taste.

im on my second cup but its actually my third serving cus i had a large this morning. the caffeine is my only friend here in the trenches man, its all that i got. but i have an addictive personality so if i like something i LOVE it til i just am sick of it, word to screaming yellow zonkers

in other news new episode of the VPND show is up, lessondary radio! im still marveling at the fact that you can subscribe to our joint on itunes. we got 54 subscribers so far and imma keep spamming the myspace bulletin section until we got a million. i mean at least my spam is healthy, them other niggas got garbage round the way. if you got a myspace page and not that many friends im sorry for cloggin up your pipes but i guarantee my bulletin is better than some of the bs i see ppl postin up.

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Sha said...

i mos def had to cut back
but i need my java in the morning!

Sandy said...

re:Screaming Yellow Zonkers... So THAT's what you're holding on that tour photo. For the LONGEST I've been trying to figure out what that black box was.


Your bulletin spam is filled with carrots and peas and brown rice. It's so healthaaay.

I'm on my 2nd cup now.

tia said...

o snap...i can actually listen. they block everything here at honeybaked ham so color me surprised.

Donald Williams said...



randy said...

will I BREAK WATER ever get old

i hope not

i dont even use itunes like that but im about to try to suscribe anyway if i can figure it out

Fifteen said...

+1 = 55 subscribers