Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Life Swap

the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence until you find out that you have to cut and water that shit (c) me

or if you are rich enough you can pay for a lawn service right? but then you are either too busy to stop and smell the roses or keepin up with the joneses

and if you are keepin up with the joneses are you living for yourself to begin with? you do realize that they aint thinkin about keepin up with you. no, they are out there every saturday cuttin the grass and gardening or they have a hookup with a family friend who does landscaping, you know thats how you keep independent business in business is by supporting it. they are just makin sure that billy's cut and prune dont nosedive. and about those roses, they dont really have a strong scent so you really have to tune your senses to appreciate them. you are too impatient for that, i mean nothing that a few fake roses and some kinda ferbreeze cant fix right? besides fake roses dont die, thats gotta be symbolic of something

regardless i say this to the fence gazers, walk up to the fence look long an hard then turn around and look at your lawn. how much work would it take to make your joint as nice or nicer as theirs?

or you could always just get a lawn chair and a beer and let life run its course

anybody wanna trade?


Anonymous said...

as f&^k up as my life can be @ times i wouldn't trade it for the world.


Sandy said...

If you could buy the life you want, I'd chip in a couple dollars to make it happen.

Wouldn't that be great? Buy the whole package, Career+attire+accessories like Nurse Barbie...

Or what if it where a chip implanted?

Cheer Up Charlie. Folks believe in you and your dreams.

gmFb said...

da fuck is you tawmbout?


sike naw, i get your symbolism. i think.

Robert Cave Jr. said...

Imma tell you like a drunk old head told me. never envy a man's heaven unless you're willing to endure his hell.. or something like that, you dig what I'm saying.

Filthy said...

amen @ mr cave.

Ihsan Amin said...

Hard work and constant maintainance keeps shit immaculate.

I'm actually talking about real yardwork, BTW.

darrylclark said...

Totally off topic, son, would you rock those Starbury joints?

PS. I'm glued, you need a reality show. Peace!