Saturday, July 14, 2007

im chillin, hard...

i woke up today and kinda lingered in the bed for a while watchin that so raven and fielding calls from wells fargo acceptance (google it, they hate me) i was a little groggy from some light drinking the night before and just didnt really want to move, not to shower, not to eat, not to nothing, just wanted to lay.

i was kinda tired of wishing the world would spin without me and actually wondered how i could get my ticket to ride back. so i did what i usually do to clear my head, cleaned up. i even moved my couch. when i got done with that i tried to write the last 2 verses to suburban sprawl but they wasnt coming out right (waay too bitter) so i just zipped the files that were ready to go and sent them to suburb for him to play with. now i just gotta worry about cover art... speakin of which i prolly need to holler at scott asap...

i tried goin outside today but that just resulted in an impromptu grocery run for fruit, water and bread. so here i sit in my beach chair (yes i have beach chairs in my house) eating cereal out the box and enjoying the breeze from my boxfan and window. im also watchin friends and laughing really REALLY hard at it... damn racheal was hot.

so why am i blogging? i have no idea, just felt like typing. i mean i guess this could be the SUBURBAN SPRAWL IS DONE AND ITS DONE WHOOPEEE!!! entry but id rather not get yall all excited until i get the final version back from burb.

for the first time in a long time saturday feels like saturday again. all of june and part of may the days were just days. life was just living paused by sleep and the weekends kinda faded into nothing. i kinda miss the urgency of saturday, its the crown jewel of the week and should be treated as such sometimes. its gotta be soemthing interesting for me to do today man, there is a block party down the street and my roommate says that gets live at night so ill prolly roll thru there with him. i mean i could clean some more or write some rhymes or i dunno... i think imma just watch tv and finish enjoyin this breeze.

what yall up to?

ps: i would not rock the starbury's for purely aesthetic reasons. the same reason i would not rock nike terminators, i just dont like how they look personally but i like seeing people wear them, i dont know if ppl are wearing them cus they like how they look or because they are so affordable but either way i just like what marbury is doing with his line. thats the shit i hate about rappers when they do clothes is that they dont make them for where they are from, they make them for where they are at. and thats not giving back to the community at all.

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Angie said...

Congrats on finishing Suburban Sprawl...*until its REALLY done*. Glad you hot your Saaaaatuurdaaaays back. Sticky, icky, icly (c) Luda