Saturday, June 23, 2007

we go on stage in like 12hours and 30minutes

and i think i have a sore throat, or am coming down with one. im drinkin theraflu right now and ill have lozenges (what a nice word, imma name my son lozenge) in my pocket all day

today was filled with running around which made it no better. we went to puma and then to xxl and then to live mechanics and then to catch up with ninth wondra and then to home and then to dumbo for the wildstyle joint (which we missed) but its always good to see my bklyn bodega fam.

so i willl be fresh on stage tomorrow and hopefully i will not be sore in the throat. pause. we go on at 1:30pm tomorrow and then its hangout and look cool for the cameras time. my homie tahir is gonna be here for the show and it should be a good time.

im tired as fuck.

i need a digital camera and as SOON as i get a lil change its copped. that and an external hard drive and a midi keyboard.

no really yall.. im tired as FUCK. i want to go to bed as soon as this theraflu is gone.

i didnt get to mail the shirts off today so if you are reading this dre, churchhill and spank pops ill drop em on monday, im sorry man. i was too busy gettin my shit right for tomorrow.

the theraflu is wokring nad i need to go lay down after i take this last sip

goodnight (c) slick rick

**am i the only one that finds the mother on that 70s show kinda hot in an odd way? maybe i am sick

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