Friday, June 22, 2007

no more drinks... for me (c) benny sings

so yesterday we had our show with emily king for that make music NY festival. i met up with von where he gave me my new shirt pictured below:

nice right? basically it was givin to him by spec who got it from staple and it was too little for von so he hit me off with it. i like it cus it has a gun on it but ill give more info on that obsession one day.

the show was weird. it was an outdoor event infront of the city hall i think and since it was lookin like it was gonna rain there was NO crowd. a few people speckled around in front of city hall on the steps but nothing real, just people walking home from working lookin at us like 'why is there a stage with 3 dudes screaming on it in the middle of the sidewalk?' but our proven crowd mover 'and you say' got at least 1 little kid dancing and i saw a woman really enjoying our set too, she was lovin our interaction on stage and diggin on the songs too.

emily king was late so we had to go on in place of her but she rolled up in the middle of our set and started gettin situated. as we did the last song tho the rain came down, like literally our set was timed perfect with the rain. i guess when an indian dances and means it it really does rain.
emily was nice tho, said she woulda been there but she went to the wrong outdoor performance, see papoose (roflmao @ his name) was down teh block doin an outdoor show too. it was like the trap. their stage was on the way to our stage and it had a decidedly more 'not tanya's kinda crowd' slant to it. like if we woulda got on stage ppl would not have flinched at all. we all fell victim to mistaking it for our show but emily was the only one who went in and tried to get onstage. she said she rolled up with her guitar like im here for make music ny. im trying to imagine the stage managers face, shit was probably hilarious. but that is what mader her late lol. she is real cool tho and i wish i woulda got to see her set but the rain killed that.

so then i rolled out to the smirnoff in the mix party (im sure that you can find more exciting coverage with photos in another blog *cough*fresh*cough*daily*cough*) and it was cool. me von and che rolled thru and posted up. ninth, pete rock and primo were dj'in and q-tip sotpped by too. buckshot did a quick set and ed lover hosted.

i tried every flavor of the new smirnoff and the watermelon sucks, so does blueberry. but ive been buyin flavored smirnoff for a while now so im no stranger to it. the apple tastes like perfume, all the other joints are good money, especially the cranberry.

i saw my man henri up in the spot ALL the way from canada. its kinda weird goin on the road and meeting ppl cus you see them EVERYWHERE, well some of them everywhere. von pea broke out early leaving me and che grand to use our press bracelets all alone. we rolled up in v.i.p. and for you people who never get to go in v.i.p. im gonna let you know a little secret. its boring as FUCK in v.i.p. and usually even more crowded than down on the floor. but it is nice if you wanna watch the party and not take an active part in it.

so at anyrate when it was all over and i went to the train i did something really dumb, you know how the signs say wet paint? well the paint is NEVER wet, like ever in life is it went until you have on a white shirt and are too drunk to smell the wet paint. I leaned up on that bitch nad came off it like WTF!?!? so me being me i then lean the other shoulder up against it to try and make it match. this is what i ended up with:


imma still wear it tho, but i bet after i wash it the shirt will have a slight purple/blue tint to it.

when i got home i was hungry and if you were here three days ago i have no grocery money (guh guh guh guh guh grocery money) so i had this bag of fritos i had be kinda eating for a day. just on some if i get a lil hungry ill munch on em shit, i dont even like fritos to be honest. well i threw em away by accident when i left the house intially. SON that drunk hunger is powerful. nigga i went into the can and finished them bitches OFF. lmao. i mean its my garbage adn they were still on top! the bag was closed up and eerything. yall woulda did it too.

i guess losing the shirt is all good tho cus today im goin to the puma sto... HUAH! gotta get fresh for the BKHHF. ilyas is on his way in town and i need to start getting dressed. i think tonight is gonna kinda crazy too...

maybe not


Chronicles of an Urban ... said...

that shirt shit is mad funny babe.


Sandy said...

*holds tongue*

Tales of Ilwill debauchery surely to follow.