Tuesday, May 01, 2007

what do you do on your last day at work?

ive had several last days of work in the past 3 years. its weird cus some were celebratory (quitting umadaop to move to dc, quitting the middle school to go to mcca), some where kinda confusing in a how am i supposed to feel kinda way (quitting mcca to go on tour*) and some were just kinda body shots that could lead to that canvas napping uppercut (the temporariness of the temp gig)... well today is kinda the latter.

without going into the gory full detailed version today is my last day at work, i found out last night. this is like the 2nd time that its happened in this way (the whole no preptime hit the ground landing if you can bitch! deal) and even tho several people have told me i would, i dont think ill get used to this see saw . i shouldnt have to anyway. at anyrate yesterday at 5:50pm (i get off work at 6pm) i was told i dont need to come back after tuesday (today) i immediately went into damage control/panic/worst case scenario planning mode while having coffee and snark in bryant park. Then went home and rested while i contemplated the mental fortitude this take, all of this. again, ill keep the details of "all of this" to myself.

So what am i gonna do? well i got a few ppl i can email, with either leads to cultivate or to follow and I will tighten my belt and resort to my famous water to wine dinner's (you know you loved em, stop faking). i jotted all of this down in the park yesterday so ill be whipping out my lil paper and workin on my plan today. but basically my plan B is to get a plan A which is poor planning.

What i will not do is what i did last time this occured, the whole pounding the cyberpavement for a job thing, yeah thats dead in the water. it didnt land me this position and its kinda not the most effective use of my time. I will probably use that time to do more specific lead oriented searching. I know i got a few resumes out there dangling in the air but thats the story of ourlives right?

I will also not stilt my recording schedule. Period. That's not winning, thats not winning at all. As i walked down madison last night talking to myself (quite loudly i might add, cus you can do that in new york and nobody bats an eye) i made an observation: me winning is losing to them and vice versa. lemme explain it... the process of me chasing my dream and actually catching it looks like a losing battle to a lot of people, where as me stopping in my tracks and abandoning years worth of work is definitely losing. and although rap is to blame for all of this, i will not lose. if you are looking for some tragic story of how one of the future greats (or just some random artist on the rise) gave up, it aint here. wrong person, place and blog.

so in closing, my last day at work will be spent as usual, working. maybe in a different direction but working on me an mine like i normally do. the only thing i wish i could do right now is play a few songs to lift the mood, my mental playlist is:

Benny Sings - Let me in
Blu & Exile - dancin in the rain
Stevie Wonder - Dont you worry bout a thing
Janelle Monae - letting go
Micheal Jackson - off the wall, baby be mine
Babyface - stress out
Dense - Shiny Star
and a shit load of my own personal songs cus they work wonders at times like this...

i may be back with more shortly...


Anonymous said...


the correct title is distant planet burning out.

Sandy said...

DRAKE is on BET.

Uhm... collabing with someone like that could be kinda nice.

Donald Williams said...

we got 2 songs with him already... tahts the homie

Sandy said...


that was my point.

gmFb said...

great post.
not the job shit. but everything else.

Pea! said...


Donald Williams said...

we can lie and tell the labels that the summertime songs are ON bklynati! muhahahahaha

Angie said...

Dag, so don't worry about answering me from earlier..this sums it up. Hollerate, later...

Fresh Daily said...

bad news : no job
Good news: time to get some work done music-wise!

*scoots away*

Anonymous said...

Hey man keep your head up. As I told Pea, if I can refer to him as Pea, at the show I have been listening to Hip Hop since '79 and I abandoned it until my boy put me on to TANYA MORGAN. I need you guys to persevere. Just today I told my boy in response to this comment
Friend - "Tru Life is such a nobody - all he's famous for is robbing Prodigy and now this. hip hop is dead"

Bam - Oh yeah. But TM is alive and kicking they will be the saviours

So Don I need another T-shirt my dude and trust I am hitting the road over the next months inundating the world with TANYA MORGAN

BAM - W.E.B Dubois of the MORGANITES
Separating the talented 10th