Monday, April 30, 2007

its gonna be a long day

i had a very bad dream last night, i dont remember too much of it but i want to say project pat (or a man of his former stature, maybe it wasnt him come to think of it) was forcing me to do some weird bank fraud shit that would either result in me dying or going to jail. i just remember i kept thinking 'i want to at least tell my mother goodbye, so many people are going to be hurt!' He was cooking eggs and bacon or some shit and telin me i needed to eat cus it may be the last food i taste. i woke up very happy to be alive, like i woke up recounting my steps in the dream and looking around just to be sure i was really dreaming, it was that vivid.

outside of that im extremely tired, you know how your body wants you to wake up at a certain hour but you tell your body 'dog you trippin we could still be sleep!' tehn your body says ooookay and tells your brain 'dog cook up a really really bad dream to show this nigga i dont want to be sleep' and your brain does so when you finally do wake up your brain is all tired from scaring the shit outta you adn your body is all sluggish from being forced to rest more than it should have and you feeel like there is no coffee strong enough to bring you back from the edge you are on? yeah... thats today

i had a fairly uneventful weekend, i actually dont remember much of it. I know that on saturday i mailed the shirts off to eveyrbody that paid. i said i was sold out but after seeing who paid and who didnt i may be bumping a few orders to liquidate my stock and get more shirts. and i have to raise the price to accomodate shipping and handling, i kinda didnt have that in mind when i set the pricepoint. all orders placed before today are cool tho. and i didnt bring the updated sales sheet in so i cant do any work on that today so i dont know what im gonna do.

in more personal news if you have been following my blog you will know that i was DYING to have this pda phone and i finally got it, well i turned it off on saturday becaus i dont like it anymore and im selling it now. so if anybody wants to buy a verizon pocket pc phone with every accessory you can name (in box, 1 gig mini sd, car charger, 2 cradles, 2 wall chargers, 2 usb connectors) holler at me. ill even leave the phone numbers of all the rappers i know in it for your prank calling fun!

the phone that i switched to was the one i got rid of prior to the pocket pc, its not my favorite phone at all, i just was sick of paying so much money for that dumb ass phone that i wasnt using all like that. a while back *she* was messing with my phone and put a new greeting on it and now when i turn it on it briefly flashes "******* IS THE ONE" hardy har har. the phone is a piece of shit but i cant lie im kinda glad its back. i think im minimalizing again, downsizing my life. thats a whole nother post

oh yeah and i recorded 3 songs at like 2am on saturday night for a project that everybody (including the producer) thought was dead. ill let you guess what it is as i will not be mentioning it again until its done on my end, not even the producer knows imstill working on it so it'll be a surprise for him too. i think he reads my blog tho so he may be like "OH SHIT!" but i didnt say his name or give any clues so lol..

okay im gonna go occupy myself with something


Demond said...

Yeah well since you said I need a phone I think thi sweek may be it. All these girls keep screaming on me about that shit. My new response to everything is ....I Tape TM. Its frustrating the hellout of them. LOL I love it

Bam - J. Ceaser of the Morganites
Et Tu Wack rapper

Anonymous said...


i think this gapping void guy draws as you speak...

cus this isnt the first time i cruised this site and his sketches coinside with what you have blogged about

...or maybe its just because its monday and were all synced to that manic monday shit.