Saturday, May 19, 2007


1 - sketches
2 - babblerouser (feat von pea)
3 - count it off*
4 - the hardest thing to say
5 - qeesha myrick pt 1
6 - i miss me
7 - hungry and blue (feat ilyas)
8 - cincinnati in this
9 - heart
10 - with you in mind (feat cakes, donald jr & kijuan whitehurst)
11 - camp cupcake
12 - queesha myrick pt 2
13 - star* (feat brianna and brielle)
BONUS - Perfect Angel + Maybe You and I

*produced by the beatmaker for BCS (i havent told dave that he aint the only producer on the lp anymore, i hope he dont mind lol)

so this is what its lookin like its gonna be. maybe 1-2 more songs depending on how im feeling. ilyas has no idea he is on hungry and blue. von's verse is done. actually the entire lp is done outside of queesha myrick pt 2 and the hardest thing to say. i may redo vocals for a song or two but this is pretty much. i cant lie actually seeing a tracklist is frightening as shit. i havent decided if this is the order but ill figure that out soon...

and for you hardcore donwill followers i have even BETTER news: SUBURBAN SPRAWL HAS OFFICIALLY BEEN REINSTATED


The Write Brother said...

Heir GeorDon is what REALLY needs to be reinstated... 2008 NBA Finals shit!!!

Sandy said...


I'm kinda shocked.

Pea! said...

i knew george would be in here lol

E said...


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me said...

what it's only in spanish