Tuesday, May 29, 2007

oh you mad cus im stylin on you...

so at that african dance festival in brooklyn i ran into a guy that worked at my last job with me. he was all about tryna help me get on and givin me contacts to hit up, then i got let go

so im like YO! he is all HEEEEEEEEEEY! we were goin opposite ways so the convo was gonna be short and he asks me waht i been up to where im workin and such. i was like 'yeah i havent worked since i left *** and he got all O_O REALLY?!?! and i was like 'yeah man i just kinda been floatin you know, chillin' he started coppin pleas about how he wants to help me and pulliln out more contacts like 'i can hit up blahblahblah' and iwas like 'yeah well you know my group is gonnna be on the road soon and that kinda makes it hard for me to consider a serious position but you know some freelance work would be welcome

he goes o_O

i also saw the older black woman who used to run up on me every week and say 'you still here i see!' she looked in my direction saw me and darted on some OH NO! shit lol

rap needs to start payin some bills cus its way too time consuming not to.... COME ON TOUR!

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