Monday, May 28, 2007

Brooklyn is the loudest place on earth

there is this guy with this car outside who daily just pumps his old mixtapes and today with it being memorial day this nigga has the ENTIRE block on smash. this can not be his car making this much noise. to the point where i had to just cut off my music and listen to waht he is playing

good thing he is playing something i can deal with. its either that or close my windows and melt to death

why aint nobody here havin bbq's?


he has began playing the current his. rightnow he is playing the shop boyz party like a rock star and i cant escape... :( AND IS FUCKING CD IS SKIPPING. LOUD AS SHIT! JESUS WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS NIGGA MAN.

its gonna be a long summer


Angie said...

HA! He just tryin' to give everyone a BBQ soundtrack!Yo, there has got to be a BBQ you can get in on up there...but, dont feel bad, I dont have one to go to either. :(

thatdude said...

all i can say is....
that shit is too funny!
go give him the shit you were listening then at least you know what he is about to play