Thursday, April 26, 2007


okay so im worried about my hearing in a few years. my ipod be LOUD as fuck an i gotta have it high so that i can hear over the train and the earbud things make it worse cus its layin right up on your eardrums but shit i like to hear the whole track, not just the words. my shit be ringin when i take my headphones off :[

at anyrate i should be tired today because last night i was out being a rapper. i had a photo shoot with Live Mechanics (its a clothing line, google it... this is the crib man yall dont get hyperlinks thats for company! like yo momma got them good towels "NIGGA DONT YOU USE THEM GOOD TOWELS!!") for their new line. i dont know if its gonna be used in the actual ad campaign or just for the look book (the thing they shop to buyers for the stores) but it was pretty damn cool. rich medina was up in there, mr. len fell thru, grand puba was there, the polyrythm addicts (well complex and shabaam) were there, juggaknots (well breeze and herawin (did ispell that right?)), sway, howard lloyd and sputnik brown, and of course sucio smash**. they picked a nice lil getup for me but the photog made my take my glasses off cus of the glare they give in the closeups. in my head im like 'ummm nobody will know me without the glasses!' i snuck them on after the closeups were over and they made it into the shot that he liked, muhahhahahhaha... branding/trademarking: its in everything you do people. DONT YOU FORGET IT!

so after my rushed photoshoot (THANKS TO APT CUTTING THE SHOOT 3 HOURS EARLY!) me von and fresh just kinda lingered, mingled and took a few pictures. fresh got his fanboy on and had me snap a few of him and puba (JEAAAALOUSSSYYY!) and i just kinda free gin and tonic'd my way to a smile, i shoulda got the saporo tho. that shit was BANG FOR YOUR free BUCK!

i made it home at about 10ish and started my I TAPE TM shirt invoicing process to realize that i am out of shirts. well i have like 3-4 mens left but they are all sold. now i only ordered 29 cus well frankly all i had was 150 to invest in this venture BUT fear not my morganites (lmao) i will be gettin a double up* soon, real soon... im just waiting on my paypal payments to go thru then ill do another run. im tryna do at least 50 on this go round and i need to tweak my sizing estimates so preordering is key on this go round. ill drive that point home when i send out the blast in the next few hours (damn its hard to believe i have a job when i do shit like this all day lol) but yeah man SOLD OUT IN THE FIRST DAY! awesome...

wait till you see the new collab we cookin up. gotta be 2 steps ahead man.

okay i gotta go do soem more non work related work, see yall in a few. until i get back check out this interview i did with kim nunley over at my fivefold's site

heres the link: Don speaks on the future of TM, Don Imus and whatever else he was asked to talk about

*double up takes me back to a time when we would sell crackheads orajel dipped wax adn watch them fuck up their crack pipes. we were the war on drugs!

**im butterfingers when it comes to withholding names now

if fresh daily is reading this he will notice he didnt get a formal red carpet shout out. if he iswondering why its because he is no longer a person i vaguely know, he is a guy i hang around damn near every week so NO MORE WHO'S WHO LIST FOR YOU BUDDY! lol


gmFb said...

i hate/love your blog man.

Donald Williams said...

why? WHY?!!?
what did my blog do to you?!?!


gmFb said...



i'm workin on it tho, fo'real

Anonymous said...

I hope my shirt is still on deck. I will lose it if I donthave my shirt. Plus I must spread the Gospel in CT and I need my propaganda machine(shirt and CD).

Moses of the MORGANITES-Parting the Dead Sea of Hip Hop Bullshit.

Anonymous said...

but not before you set one aside for spec right?


Sandy said...

Damn. I didn't know all thiiiis was going on.

I'm sure he sold your T*shirt right after he promised to hold one for you, Spec. Thats what he did to me.

Anonymous said...

Yo Don whats up with the shirt. Do I recieve my revolutionary weaponry today?

ImHotep of the Morganites
Vangloriously leading the lost to the land of TM