Friday, April 27, 2007

I ran into Tay Diggs* the other day...


no seriously i was on my way to meet up with the homie scott free aka the 5th member of tanya morgan fka THE MEDIA ASSASIN and i was walkin to his building. so im walkin and comin towards me is tay diggs and all jokes aside man im a pretty big fan of his work and his general demeanor. i think nas was kinda wrong for callin him out for his interracial love thang he got goin on, i mean i know alot of niggas who married outside of the race. as long as she is a good person and treats my nigga with respect who's business is it? okay im rambling

but so he was walkin towards me and i was makin the strong OH SHIT IS THAT!?!?! eye contact. the other NYers were unfazed and didnt give a shit. i bet jesus is somewhere on times square gettin bumped into and no kinda excuse me is being issued. i stared so hard that he kinda smiled in my direction like 'fuck i dont want to sign an autograph' but i didnt want an autograph or even a photo or anyting. its just kidna weird for me to see these very public figures walkin around in the real world hangin out with ppl. i gave him the 'sup' nigga nod and he shot one back and we both k.i.m. but for me that was dope.

besides ll cool j riding past in a range rover and the andy guy from snl thats the first celeb spottting ive had. well scratch that i bumped into silvio and tony sopranos brother in law in the lobby of *** one week but it still is kinda cool to see ppl.

so lets talk shirts: good and bad news

good: today i begin the shipping process, the shirt orders are rolling in adn i need to get the paid for joints out by saturday.

Bad: i had to raise the price on mail order shirts to 20. i guess i shoulda priced the shipping and handling part of the deal a lil more but its all a process and supplies and shipping is NOT cheap :/ so yeah dont be mad at me. i hope you all are still down to get the shirts cus they are nice. im just glad i didnt start out with like 100 shirts cus that woulda been a MESS lol..

okay imma try and find soem envelopes to steal (there are none i just looked ... :(

PS - bam you need to send an email or something with your number so i can contact you abotu getting this shirt and cd. ASAP i wont be able to call you until like 7ish tho.


Anonymous said...

yo I sent you an emial from my work. I keeps no cell so we have to figure out something. MAybe we could agree on a spot to meet up at like 8-830 in BK I live off Nostrand so Im right around the way from most places.

Sandy said...

1) Don't mispell my future exhusbands name. TAYE... with an E.

Wait. You have issues with fellas names that start with a T and end with an E? You always mispell Torae's name too.

2) You'll get used to the spottings. By the summer time for sure.

3) Dick in a box@ Clientele!

tia said...

oh word? i'm sorry! dang...

Jennifer: Ruthlessly Absurd said...

Taye Diggs is a fucking sell out.

His wife is big faced tranny looking bitch.

And if I ever catch you, Donwill, with a white bitch I will fuck your face up, Grand Puba style.