Monday, March 19, 2007

so when im not jet setting around exclusive parties to rest my head on kayne's shoulder or choading cat attack victims im doing other stuff. music related stuff.

it looks like we have a show in toronto on april 4th. certain items pending *AHEMmakeyourapptAHEM* (lol) everything is a go and looks really good for us to be rockin! im excited about it and yall know i dont let myself get excited about music too much, specially not stuff i cant control. ill have more details about the show later, something to do with darfur. im with it

we also got an april 11th nyc gig with a tentative line up of torae, emilio rrrrrojas (fka rrrraks one), skyzoo and i *THINK* chaundon. thats what i heard anyway.

umm i think thats it for shows for now. i been talkin to my man ill poetic and he may have an nc connect so we an get down there (3rd times the charm right?) and there is NO reason why we cant be back in colorado, well i take that back its che grands turn to rock the mountains, i just wanna come with ahhahha

my question is why do hip hop shows fall in teh middle of the week lol. JEEEZ. the other thing is i HATE doing shows without ilyas. HATE. i mean i love performing, LOVE but its like, thats my right hand. he needs to hurry his ass UP and get here. no knock to von and the illustrious lessondary mc's cus i mean all i need is the love of my crew... BUT its just nice to have your brother there with you. only draw to ilyas being here is he is the SETLIST NAZI and will adamantly not want to do a song if it has too many punches or something. thats showbiz baby.. thats show biz

in other news i recorded 2 JAMS this weekend and im workin on more.. MORE. i dont want to talk about the process/plans of recording cus if i do then ill extinguish the drive. like if i say im doing something, i dont do it. sounds wierd but its jsut about knowing your balance. mines is to work in secrecy kinda. i will say this tho, sketch and re have been pushed back for the home(less) shelter...


i think

** Oh yeah one more show. may 10th at sputnick
Cosmic Funk Allstars ft CeeKnow the Doodlebug (from Digable Planets)
The Almighty Tanya Morgan (Vonpea & Donwill)

more later


Angie said...

Um, yes, please...If yawll dont hurry up & come down here...AND...HELLO! I'm your NC connect, but I got other connects, too....

Che Grand said...

4-11 woah
*fiddy laugh*

& said...
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