Wednesday, March 21, 2007

in the spirit of the homie von pea i will now list songs that are on my plate. I updated the 'homework' playlist in my ipod (btw the lil silver nano is broke) and between that and the verses in my sidekick heres whats on deck. ill try to be as detailed as possible so as to maybe draw some excitement lol..

chez tanya - verses are already done, just need to cast a dining couple. one of my favorite TM songs EVER.
walk my way - vastmixed is becoming one of my favorite producers. von laid a monster hook and verse and i am 4 bars in, if i can just remember what the bars are lol
dudes due - from the upcoming donwill/kay aka DUBJACK lp entitled fly guys. the ARE on the beat
winter in america - HOPEFULLY featuring skyzoo for DUBJACK. some epic storytellin ish
i think - featuring che grand for DUBJACK. che says its a hit, i agree
like everytime - featuring von pea for DUBJACK.
thats what you are - THE PIRACY PROJECT IS NOT DEAD.. i got the first verse. need to sequence the track and squeeze two more in
chic - THE PIRACY PROJECT LIVES... i been walkin around with this verse in my head for 2 months now. i never write in my head so it must be good if ive remembered it this long right? its comin low key... its comin
123 - somebody on myspace gave me this beat, dont remember who it is but yeah.. shits nice, something to have fun with, nothing written to it tho
beat for donwill - lmao...
open - another myspace beat.. i wanna say province did it? dude from the UK. usually i hate myspace submissions cus its always some weird shit that doesnt fit my style nor the person on some CHECK ME OUT. alot of times its a friendbot but sometimes i click and get surprised... then the ppl are cool which makes it even more fun to do
moveremix - ill poetic from cincinnati asked me to hop on his remix. im down. wrote my 8 on the train this morning. he will not be dissappointed
6 BKNATI BEATS - i have done the unthinkable, i have surrendered some SKETCHPAD beats to tanya for the greater good... i actually began writing to one of em but i forgot which beat it was so now i gottta remember the emotion behind the words and tiie it to the beat. that verse is damn good too.. DAMN good
L.O.V.E. BEATS - my homie jesse fisher who i was introduced to thru my long time collaborator tiffany paige signed on to help me with this project called love. its a collection of rnbish love songs. some ill rap on, some ill sing on, some ill get others to sing on, all of them i will write. i have fleshed out the concept in my mind and im not going to explain what it is fully. i will say this. acronyms are cryptic in nature but acronym means nothing and thats for a reason. ill explain if yall REALLY want me to lol
dirty diana - RE:iteration joint featuring jermiside and kenn starr. jerm is always turnin his verses in on time. lol.. way to make me work

thats just the 'homework' list on my ipod. notice i left out all of sketchpad & reiteration. they'll get done... lol


tia said...

my sis is doing a dance to jinglin' baby for her class.

Anonymous said...

there is no jingling baby remake folks! its a figment of your imagination! you see nothing! you see nothing!

tia said...


& said...
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Anonymous said...

i gotta be the only one not working on shit right now.

coppercoloredgal* said...

L.O.V.E. beats..explain?


Angie said...

YAY. I'm excited!

Aime Cain said...


pussy kills ft aimé cain

lol just playing

cant wait for the new music

Young H said...

that's what you call motivation

Patrice said...

i heart this blog