Sunday, March 11, 2007

so today von dropped by to record a verse for this cat named drake who reps drake is dope as shit and has a nice buzz in toronto. click that hyper link for his myspace, i think he is plays on degrassi too, i aint ever seen degrassi but i hear its some cult fave shit..

but at anyrate during the recording my man fresh daily hit me up about coming thru the video shoot for maro polo's single featuring masta ace. so i rolled thru and we hung out a bit, chopped it up with the the brooklyn academy and company. spec boogie and elucid rolled thru for a second too, so lessondary had a presence on the set. but more importantly i got to meet up with alot of dope like minded artists man which is a beautiful thing. the shoot turned out pretty dope too, looks like its gonna be a mean clip man, i enjoyed myself.

so in no particular order shout out to:
torrai of the coalescence (i prolly spelt it wrong, shit spelt aint even a word!)
pumpkin head
emelio rojas fka raks one
chip fu
masta ace
block mc cloud
fresh daily
im forgetting somebody i know i am... but yeah today was dope. too bad you couldnt make it sucio HA! lol

oh yeah you can now call me Fredrick Drugfest aka young shirt... im tryna win!


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tia said...

von did not tell me he was doing a song with jimmy! i have him saved as a friend on myspace. he's about to replace you in my top 20. or top 16...whichever one i have.

Donald Williams said...

i have found my way onto said song also


coppercoloredgal* said...

what??? can you repeat that don....?lol

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