Friday, March 09, 2007

remember the black milk, guilty simpson, skyzoo, tanya morgan show i put up a flyer for a while back? welll that joint was tonight and it was pretty damn dope

skyzoo came out first and i cant front, i havent heard alot of his stuff. but after seein him live i was impressed. he is not only well rehearsed but his songs are pretty nice to boot. like dude is polished as shit, i enjoyed his set alot.

ilyas is in la right now hollywood swingin so he couldnt make it but we just had our rotating lessondary cast show up to fill in his blanks. we did 2 new songs (place and case of the ra) and the rest was all moonlighting material. when we did the warm up i forgot my verse... 2wice! im so used to von pea leading me in with his talking that the OH LA OH LA HEY shit we do for the hook threw me off. im so out of practice man. i felt like shit lol and ppl were laughin but when i got back on the verse, i got back on the verse and i delivered lol. actually people enjoyed the mistake from what i gathered, either way it was not intentional lol

i missed part of guilty simpson's set cus i had to run to the bar but man from what i saw he tore shit DOWN. son is a personal fave for me so seein him live was crazy. he is a beast. and a tanya supporter to boot, its crazy finding out that respect is mutual. for real...

black milks set was nice and he brougth out pharoah monch for a joint too. it was good seeing milk again, man we chopped it upfor a minute and dudes star was shinin bright. congrats my nig. 3.13...

list of shout outs and ppl i met/saw:

raks one/emilio
fresh daily
ras kas
dj premier
double 0 (kidz n the hall)
crazy dj bizarro
pharoah monch
sean price (i think he was there...)

its quarter after four and im tired as shit. Im leavin out alot of details on purpose for reasons to be revealed at a later date. tonight was incredible

*this blog sucks. im drunk and tired.


& said...
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Angie said...

Word. Yea, I'd like to see Guilty Simpson...& you guys, too, of course! One day, one day...Grrrrr!

flwrpt. said...
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Anonymous said...

how the hell did I miss all those people?