Wednesday, February 28, 2007

song a week report:

8 bars written, nothing recorded

believe it or not song a week is HARSH for me kinda. cus its so much behind the scenes shit that i need to take care of. So i know its weds, but for my purposes the week ends/begins on monday. i have an ever growing to do list of shit ive procrastinated on doing and 'rapping' is at the bottom of that list. why? because its not as urgent as other things that i refuse to specifically blog about due to their sensitive nature. but they are ALL music related and way more urgent than 'rapping' right now...

this is a mean ass list yall... lol, im lookin at it like 'fuuuuuuuuck why I gotta do all this shit?' you know how much i wish i could just sit back and rap? just write a verse and all of the backend shit is being handled by trustworthy hands? *sigh* thats for me to deal with tho, not yall. Thanks for being the support group you have tho.

In other news our show with black milk, guilty simpson and skyzoo is on MARCH 8. Not March 9th as a posted before, and not march 7th as the flyers you may or may not see have on them. MARCH 8TH....

okay lemme go, ill be back


& said...

gig a week and a day away. The show is priority. You'll get on the recordings when you have the time to. Don't kill yourself to meet a slef made deadline, when there is so much more that you need to tackle, businesswise.

NOW I 'm not saying don't record... just the song a week is alot of pressure, when you got everything/one pressing down on you.

Focus on the 8th.

tackle ev'rything else as it comes.

good? good.

Uche said...

what she said