Tuesday, February 06, 2007

im stealing ppl's blogs too

on monday february 5 von pea posted:

donwill said, and i quote: "musicians have to be businessmen to survive but businessmen never have to be musicians. thats wack. i hope you ppl reading this know how fucking wack that is. i have nothing more to say right now"

to elaborate a little bit. ive lost faith, alot of it, in alot of things and people. i dont think this is a big mystery and i think anybody who speaks to me for more than 4 days in a row can see/hear my mood shift and partly attribute it to this loss of faith. the one thing i have not lost faith in tho is creative process. actually making the music, actually conceptualizing the album and its peripherals (was that the right word?) i mean the creative process is all that i have, i aint gotta depend on nobody to make the music, just me. and i can only let myself down as far as i build myself up.

i think i put to much of myself out there sometimes. like this is hinging on self destructive at times... one day you may come here only to find a bad url notification.


tia said...

i just wanted to see if i could post a comment. blogger is so tempermental. you are in my thoughts and one day soon i will bake cookies for you.

& said...

Aw shit Donnie. Don't talk like that.

Take a minute, pick yourself up/dust y'self off and find your focus.

So the game gotcha. We all get got. You know I have. It's a pothole you'll neveer fall into again.

Don't close your blog. I know you wont. You need it more than we {the readers} do.

Aaaand I'm commenting with out really knowing the deal.

I'm probably waaaay off on the whole thing.

Either way, wallow in the mire for alittle while and then get out your head

Anonymous said...

ive deleted what i want to say here like 5 times. i been sittin here for about 15 minutes.

"i had big dreams but my alarm rang, so now the songs sang in a whole 'nother key"

Mush said...

Hi fucker, you moved to NYC and didn't tell me! I just found your damn blog so don't go shutting it down anytime soon. Let's brave the cold and meet up soon, mmm'kay?

Donald Williams said...

who is mush?

coppercoloredgal* said...

i ♥ this post (tear).....

sometimes that's all you got is your creativity....keep @ it and it will work for you in the end. i have to repeat that to myself from time to time.

oh...and i came up with this thoery but don't quote me boy, cuz i ain't said sh*t(c)eazy e....lol.

but yeah....artists and dreamers need to find thier oragnizers and realists or vise versa, ta organize that scatter we call a brain...

me?...wanted: organized/dreamer