Thursday, January 25, 2007

you ever just listen to life?

like actively listen to the sounds of the world around you. from the conversations to the cars passing by to the sounds in the distance. and how they sound in relation to your space and the direction you are headed in?

this blog has no point. its not a stop and smell the roses cus life is short message, its not even a god is tryna tell you something kinda deal. its just a pay attention to the world that surrounds you thing. just take a few minutes (2 is actually more than enough) to take a walk, feel just how cold the air is or how hard the ground is and look at people. make solid eye contact for only a second but dont imagine their stories, just see their present condition. take them in for what they are at that second then move. and when you listen to ppl talking, dont eaves drop listen to the tonality and the qualities of their voice. hear the emotion in their words, not just the words, words are meaningless to be honest. thats why i have so much trouble writing my rhymes, cus the words dont mean shit. its the emotions behind them.

although there is some strange zen in this activity for me, i say only a few minutes of this because it will truely wear you out.

okay i dont think im making sense to anybody but me right now so imma stop and go find something to entertain myself with.

g'day folks

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& said...

Here's something I looooove to do.

You might dig it or do it already.

Stand in the middle of a crowded train {no choice but to do so in rush hour} and selectively tune into one conversation at a time. Rather than hearing just the mish mosh of sound.