Friday, January 26, 2007

NY'ers hate sleep...

I went out with the homie fresh daily last see a few people and make a
few runs with him. We ended up goin to 3 bars and I shook quite a few
hands. Don't worry tho I won't drop the names. But I did realize a few
things while out:

- this cold is inhumane. Mother nature needs to lighten up and stop
being so damn cruel. I mean this shit is painful, like I think I felt my
blood freezing in my veins. It makes walking to the store feel like
climbing a mountain. My face almost fell off six times.

- I am very midwestern, very. Here when I talk I hear myself now and
I've got to wonder what ppl think about my 'dawgs', 'maynes', and
'fahves' (dog, man, five) I also never want to lose it my accent. Its
what makes me me, especially here.

- the nyc handclap-for-emphasis while talking thing is kinda cool to
see. Although there is a duller version in other places, here I've seen
ppl do it for every word, every syllable even.


- again I repeat. Stay indoors. No coat can save you. No long john can
insulate you. The hawk is out clutching a brick with its talons.


Pea! said...


& said...

*clap*You gotta *clap*love how we

*clap*ges *clap*ticu *clap*late.