Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My ipod scared me today

The free one that is. I like that one better than the old one. The hawk
is out up here in the apple and as I was walking today a strong ass gust
of cold wind hit it and it just froze in the middle of hall n oates
method of modern love. I was salty... SALTY. Now I think its just the
file cus it came back to life... Hooorah!

(And thank god cus I stayed up all last night grooming the playlist in
itunes. Whew)

So I guess I never gave a massive update huh? I just kinda been real
random and cryptic. In a nutshell I am now in nyc offically (besdtuy to
be exact) a few blocks from von pea and around the corner from spec
boogie. I was staying with the gomeyz family in the filth estates until
yesterday. I am jobhunting right now and plan to be temping soon. Real
soon. I was workin some shithole craigslist gig for a pet lifestyle
magazine but I kinda quit by ultimatum. Design or nothing...

That sounds like a lot right? I only been here since jan 3rd. Shit
happens as fast as you want it to, if you want it to. I have a saying
that a week is a year on the internet, well a week is a month in nyc.
Cus all that shit can't happen in one week. But it did.

So yeah...that brings us up to today. With me sitting on my couch
playing 2 temp agencies against each other. Can you even register with
more than one? I'm hellbent on gettin off unemployment and gettin on

I recorded 3 songs last night too. Whoopeeeee!

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