Monday, January 08, 2007


Big city of dreams indeed.

I'm a week in and I'm 90% sure I have a semi furnished apt and I just
got a call about a craigslist gig that would really be a lifesaver. Some
shit about archiving photos. You know what would be crazy tho? I'd hbo
called me for an interview this week. Craaazy.

I mean with my unemployment money and this lil bitty gig I'd have enough
to hold tight till I see greener pastures. I'm also tryna get an
internship with this magazine/fashion company/design firm. I know I'm 30
and I know internships dont pay but I need a boost man and I want my own
connects. Get it how you live nigga. Word to 'happyness' and my nigga's
young h and gmfb (it aint as random a shout out as they may think, lets
get it)

This is the most important year of my life simply because I'm alive. Its
a lot of ppl who aint make it to 07, and even more who won't make it
thru 07. But I'm here and imma make sure that I do my damndest to learn
from the mistakes and celebrate the successes.

I'm just mad I forgot to bring my paystubs with me cus now I gotta wait
til tomorrow to fax em over and get the yay (or nay) on that apt. I am
praticing positive thinking and diminished dissapointment. Claimin
what's mine and being thankful for what I don't get or have in 07. This
year ill get what I work for and/or deserve and whay I don't get I
didn't need anyway. That's why the (or nay) is in parentheses up there.

You gotta love the train in nyc tho. Shits like a whole onther world,
candy and batteries for days hahah. Today a police dog was on the A
whylin out. Shit was brutal man, had all the doped up bums shook thinkin
'can he smell the cracksmoke on my coat'

Nah but imma be just fine here I think, just fine. No matter how hard it

*t'raach is dope. I need to hear some new shit from him stat.

**yes this is a happy ass entry. I'm really close to unpacking and you
have no idea how good that feels.


& said...

You just made me very happy. I mean, I can HEAR you sort of smiley smirking through this post. This happyness shit is contagious and can actually affect some sort of good.



ampalampin JOOOOOOONES

coppercoloredgal* said...

yes, and my dad went back to school @ the age of 30 (...once he found out he was going to be a daddy) and now owns his own construction co. in dena and doin damn well....doesn't matter when you start, really.

gmFb said...

GYEAH nigga!

you have no idea how this blog just reenergized me