Saturday, December 23, 2006


so in the interest of keepin it real i decided to post up a video blog i shot like a week ago. i didnt want to post it cus i thought it may be kinda depressing or kinda... well you know im a rapper right? and music is kinda about perception, and if you knew that cash money rented the rides for BLINGBLING video you would be less apt to buy in to their schtick right? well luckily i rap about my life and i dont gotta pretend. so after much inner conflict i bring to you 'LMMtv Cribs Pt2 in 2 parts - donwills new digs'

in other news my moms dog eats pancakes for breakfast, seriously. that shit is amazing...


& said...


Angie said...

Wow. You have mad organizational & planning skills! And dang, you got a North Cack accent!!! ha :)

vash...thee lvvr said...

just bed less. and showeless, and sink less, and kitchen less. but hell most of us cant live without clothes and it seems like you have plenty of that. doing good my friend. doing good.


tia said...

you fold your tees so nice & neat!

coppercoloredgal* said... do sound like you're from

you drag your "r" and stuffs

kinda like dj quik

sorry if its not what you wanted to