Thursday, October 12, 2006

Tanya Morgan Opens a Sushi Spot

rap aint a career, at all. so in keeping with the theme of keeping it right (not real) tanya morgan has officially opened the we be sushi shop. why sushi? cus we be some raw ass mc's who are not the normal cup of tea and aint for everybody, sorta like sushi. well japanese people love us too, and we like 1000 dollar jeans. so yeah stop by we be sushi located in morgantown.

so we did the elbo room last night with trackademiks (HONOR ROLL! YEEEEEE!) abrothernamedgeorge/emc (LESSSONDARY!!!) eyezon (LOUDMINORITYMUSSIIIC), tableek and psuedo slang. the show was dope and we had a lot of special guests come out to show support. san fran we love you...

oh yeah... and i fixed my hair too



tia said...

o jesus...haha

vash...thee lvvr said...

i was there. i was. with betty crocker.


The Rapper With a Dayjob said...

vash... i got that picture of you on the cab. i didnt post it up tho. i can email it toyou if you want lol