Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Rosemary is a saint...

So the story goes that we rocked colorado and made a few friends while we was out there. One of those friends is rosemary who found out thru a mutual friend of ours that I love shoes like cooked food. Rosemary is not only a tanya morgan supporter and sneakerhead but also just a genuinely good giving person. She hit me up on myspace like "hey I hear you're a sneakerhead and I've got access to a few pair of these vandals that people have this ill pattern under em and you can cut away the cloth on the outside to reveal it. Want me to send you a pair?"

The shoes she not only offered but sent me were the geoff mcfetridge vandals. Basically the shoe that single handedly had me copping vandals in hopes to find them. I wasn't really even interested in the vandal until I saw them. I thought that they were bootleg air force ones, and didn't like the sole. Well 3 pairs later they are uber comfy and look great with jeans.
Well with no further adeiu I present to you my newest babies.


Oh yeah and shout out to 3sixteen for throwin some shirts our way. Dope dope shit.


amp.jones said...

officially hating.

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