Wednesday, October 18, 2006

if you notice there is a lil picture of me in the corner. yes that is breaking my rule about no picture posting but hey, i kinda graduated from worrying about my employer finding my blog to worrying about my 'fans' finding my album so blaaam... im theres my face

im actually working on a better background too. im building it in photoshop right now as we speak, well not RIGHT now but you know, kinda now. its being worked on. i have nothing to really say, i just wanted to say that..

okay im gonna go do something.

ps why wasnt ghostface at the hip hop honors? and why did regina muthafreakin king kill the mc lyte intro? and why dont they just honor nwa in total? and am i wrong for feeling some kinda way about the whole ice t hip hop school show?

no seriously now imma go do something an maybe find a story to tell yall about something more interesting than my ramblings lol


tia said...

i said the same thing about nwa. have i ever told you that you remind me of eazy e when you rap sometimes?

i wish i could've been there because they edited the crap out of the wu-tang segment. next year they should have a native tongues reunion.

RedHotMama said...

why does your mouth look like you got an aftertaste of ass going on?

The Rapper With a Dayjob said...


next year ill get you on the guest list tia

and nichole im ignoring that comment