Monday, October 09, 2006

I left my heart in san francisco

union square in downtown san francisco is dope. i havent seen too much of the city cus i been more or less working the whole time but seeing that shit gave me a greater appreciation for why people love san fran.

we made our way down haight street too and ended up seeing this drum circle thing. haight street is amazing in a weird way. i don tknow if i like haight street, its too much to be honest but the stores are DOPE. i got offered weed alot and i dont smoke.

they keep the condoms right next to the baby shit at the local drug store. MESSAGE.

so as of late i have decided that my blog kinda sucks because im losing sight of what i was writing about. what was i writing about? well it was more of an introspection as opposed to this grocerylist of my daily ongoings. like if you look at previous entries i did a lil photoblogging and a lot of just talking. imma have to go back to that, when i find out what the hell i should betalking about again. i kinda know what im supposed to be saying, ill work on it folks.

in the meantime i have begun this horrible habit of staying up late even when im sleepy. not to mention im on the west coast now so ill stay up until like 5am eastern time easy. now imagine when i go home to the east coast and am all fucked up in terms of sleep. its gonna be bad, really bad. like its 4.22am (eastern time) right now and im tired as fuck but i dont want to go to sleep.

i watched this movie named hapiness tonight that was seriously fucked up, it was just really disturbing but the weirdest part is i was cracking up everytime some sick shit went down. im warped. i got studio time booked for tomorrow night but honestly i dont feel like recording im just not in the mood. did i mention i was homesick? well i am. (not to be confused with will i am)

so i nixed the sleeping bag and got the comforter blanket thing, im hoping this will make the bumps go away but to be on the safe side im not puttin my arms under it, i wish i had a long sleeve shirt to sleep in. damn my skin is sensitive. and that sucks.

so i havent talked to any of my cincinnati friends in a long time, weeks. i sent them an email a while ago just givin them a heads up on what was goin on with me and it went by with no response. i hope they are doing okay, ill call them eventually. i need to call my cousin who lives out here before our show. im slippin.

my dad gotta go in for surgery on wednesday (i think) to get surgery on his liver. basically the cancer has found its way down there and he gonna have to get the cancer removed then undergo chemo. he didnt want my mom to tell me because he didnt want me to be out here worried about him. he will be fine, he has been battling with cancer for a few years now and he has been winning, i dont expect him to lose this round either.

im gonna go fall asleep to the tv, when the hell did joe rogan get so damn many tattoos? he looks kinda silly... i want more tats now



Anonymous said...

i've got tattoo on the brain also...i'll have one by the end of this week, trust me.

hope all swell...
your in my sisters stomping grounds...i love it out there.


The Rapper With a Dayjob said...

its wearing thin lol
but its kinda home now